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Immigration Judge Busted For Human Smuggling As Biden’s Border Crosses 5 Million Illegal Immigrant Mark

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New York is freaking out over a few thousand refugees being bussed into their city while border states have been shouldering the load of 5 million illegal immigrants.

Is it any wonder that Gov Abbott isn’t impressed by Hizzonner’s self-righteous finger-wagging?

Immigration crisis hits massinve new milestone

The tally so far is more than 5 million illegal immigrants that have been registered into the system by encountering border patrol. This makes no account of got-aways, victims who died making the attempt to enter, or human trafficking operations.

A quarter-million children separated from families

As for those crocodile tears shed by AOC in her photo-op by the chain-link fence? Where are those tears now?

Since President Joe Biden took office, 257,110 migrant children have been encountered at the nation’s borders, according to data from U.S. Customs and Border Protection. Children are apprehended by Border Patrol and swiftly released to sponsors across the country, not returned to their home countries.
The number of children who have come to the U.S. alone during Biden’s tenure is far beyond anything seen before, including the migration surges of children during the Obama and Trump administrations.
— WashingtonExaminer

This immigration surge was deliberate

We know from a leaked memo sent out by a Clinton staffer that illegal immigration is explicitly a part of the long-term Democrat strategy for taking permanent power.

We referenced that memo in a story we wrote on the day BEFORE Joe Biden was sworn in, because we understood then, as now, that policies have consequences. Kamala can pretend to wonder about root causes all she wants, but we published this on Jan 20th, 2001.

Former ICE Director Predicts Biden’s Rhetoric Invites Border Surge ‘We Have Never Seen Before’

Who, exactly, has been enabling this kind of cross-border traffic?

Criminal cartels on the Mexican side of the border need someone to do their dirty work. Often they will pay some teenage kid to drive a truck and shoulder the risk. But there are others coming to help them… true believers in the cause.

Immigration magistrate involved in human smuggling

A licensed Texas attorney and federally-appointed immigration magistrate was taken into custody for allegedly smuggling migrants and resisting arrest on Saturday.
According to Galveston County Constable Jimmy Fullen, Timothy Daniel Japhet was arrested and charged for the “smuggling of a human and resisting arrest” in Kinney County, TX. Fullen made the announcement on his Facebook page, along with pictures of Japhet and the four men he was accused of smuggling across the US-Mexico border.
According to the Texas Bar website, Japhet is listed as still “eligible to practice,” and has been licensed since 2003. He primarily practices out of Corpus Christi and his specialties include business, environmental, government/administrative, and energy resource law. Immigration law is not listed as one of his practices. He graduated from South Texas College of Law in 1998.
— PostMillenial

We found him listed on the Texas Bar website.

Immigration judge involved in human smuggling. That’s interesting.

Even more interesting is how someone who did NOT have immigration law as one of his listed practices winds up as an immigration judge.

Meanwhile, with Trump-appointed immigration judges…

Let’s contrast that with the last time we heard stories about immigration judges Joe’s predecessor had appointed.

Toward the end of June, Fox ran a story about how Biden’s DOJ has been quietly dismissing a number of Trump-appointed immigration judges. The official reason was job performance after a probationary period.

But like so much of Biden’s DOJ, their objections are predictably partisan.

“Meanwhile, we happened to be on a very unclearly defined probationary period, and they appeared to have dismissed us because we did the job correctly. And it’s just galling, but it’s also mind boggling.”
He noted that his dismissal comes as the Biden administration is struggling with a massive backlog in cases amid a continuing crisis at the southern border.
“If you’ve got a backlog that you’re trying to reduce by dismissing cases and it’s so big that you have to open new immigration courts, then why are they dumping perfectly competent judges? The only conclusion is it’s because these people are Trump appointees and they have overt links to either conservative political causes or … [are] particularly good at reviewing the cases and then determining that no, this person does not meet the standard under the law and then denying them.”

Mayorkas assures us that there is no crisis on the border.

Does he think we’re blind, stupid, or just powerless to stop him from pushing through an agenda that prioritizes party interests over national ones?

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