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Meet One Of The Docs That Performs Mastectomies On Gender-Confused Teen Girls

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It’s pretty clear that some medical professionals have completely forgotten about the Hippocratic Oath.

Among those are the surgeons that are pushing to cut off healthy tissue of teens who suffer from gender confusion. It seems that the theory behind their practice is to disregard the potential harms of their “treatments”.

On Tuesday, Daily Wire host Matt Walsh highlighted the butchery work of surgeon Dr. Scott Mosser at The Gender Confirmation Center of San Francisco to his 1 million Twitter followers.

Chris Rufo posted a video of Dr. Scott Mosser in which he says that with parental consent, a child of 10, 11, or 12 could consult with him about surgery.

Here is Dr. Mosser in 2018 at a conference talking to other medical professionals to “follow the dysphoria” and use that to push for surgery. How is that ethical?

Mosser gave the example of a patient that he had who was male and underwent a vaginoplasty and was “thrilled” but then became “dysphoric” when he grew breast tissue after taking estrogen, so he then opted for a double mastectomy to remove the offending tissue.

Dr. Mosser calls this butchery “extremely insightful emotional intelligence.”

Mosser also says that post-operative depression after genital surgery only happens with his adult patients, but not the adolescents, because they have “a tremendous support system” and are “doted on” — presumably by the parents that gave consent. His colleague, Dr. Johanna Olson-Kennedy then suggests that perhaps these surgeries should be done while kids are still in high school so that parents can oversee the complex post-operative care.

Here is Dr. Mosser saying that there is no “right age” to get surgery to “affirm” their gender.

He says that “responsible surgeons” work with a multidisciplinary team when treating gender-confused youth. But the United Kingdom is joining Sweden and Finland in pumping the brakes as detransitioners are speaking out — young adults who transitioned as teens are often angry about their “rushed” transition and that the adults didn’t question their decision to make permanent, life-altering decisions as teens.

Hospitals and medical professionals have been promoting “gender-affirming” care for teens — a truly Orwellian term since it doesn’t “affirm” biological gender. These surgeries include cutting off the healthy breasts of teen girls, castrating boys, and sterilizing young women before their brains are fully developed.

But now that they’ve been shouting from the rooftops how proud they are for doing this, they’re now very upset that Conservatives are asking what the hell they’re doing to children.

The current Regime is very keen to push this even as data shows that there are significant dangers with these medical interventions.

Recently, Libs of Tik Tok exposed the Children’s National Hospital in Washington, D.C. for admitting in a phone call that they perform “gender-affirming hysterectomies” on 16-year-olds.

You heard the audio.

Here’s what the Washington “Democracy Dies In Darkness” Post published:

LoTT wasn’t going to let them get away with it.

It’s good that all of this is getting exposed as extreme gender activists are pushing for kids to be put on the path of transition earlier and earlier.

Blaire White, a transwoman, and right-wing YouTuber who has gone through some feminization surgeries as an adult is completely opposed to any “gender-affirming” medical interventions for children.

Who are you going to believe, the guy that makes money on cutting off the healthy breast tissue of teens and sometimes has to do more surgery to “repair” problems caused by the surgery, or the transwoman who says that kids can’t make these kinds of decisions?

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