Serbian President Cancels Pride Parade & Festivities After 50,000 Serbs Took To The Streets

Written by Wes Walker on August 31, 2022

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In an environment where militant secularists have captured so much of our government, our institutions, academia, and business, it’s easy to forget that their secularist conquest is by no means inevitable.

In many cases, it’s being driven by little more than a core of very well-funded and organized activists with a very systemized approach to convincing a culture that their movement cannot be stopped.

They portray themselves as cultural liberators while upending the very norms on which stable societies have been built for millennia… despite the secular world these liberators are trying to offer in its place having no better — and often worse — problems of mental health, disease, depression, addiction and a whole litany of other such issues.

What happens when someone decides to say ‘HELL NO’ to cultural colonization efforts of the political left? You get something like what they saw in Serbia.

In recent weeks, Serbia has seen massive protests of traditional Christians tired of seeing the implications of sexuality-based political agendas being elevated to the forefront of political discourse.

With slogans like ‘hands off our children’ and ‘stop the parade of shame’, it seems clear that their objection is to the Western-style celebration and promotion of what was once euphemistically called ‘alternative lifestyles’.

Orthodox Bishop Nikanor addressed the crowds, lauding the decision to cancel what he called “a desecration of our country, our church and our family” and adding that the people oppose “those who intend to destroy Serbia’s values.”
European Pride organizers had chosen Belgrade three years ago in the hope it would represent an important breakthrough for a conservative, mostly Christian, Slavic country.
In explaining his decision to cancel the pride events, Vucic said Serbia is currently “pressured by numerous problems,” including a crisis with neighboring Kosovo, which broke away and declared independence in 2008, and economic travails related to Russia’s war on Ukraine.
— Breitbart

As might be expected of any militant group, the organizers have said they would march with or without government sanction to do so, citing their constitution’s freedom of assembly.

It remains to be seen what happens next.

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