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While Biden Desperately Tries To Revive Bad Nuke Deal … Iran Is Trying To Steal Our Drones

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Joe Biden loves his tough guy soundbites, but when it really matters, he’s weaker than 1-ply toilet paper… and the world knows it.

Under Joe Biden’s foreign policy, Russia, China, and Iran have formed tighter relationships, which ironically, make the West’s non-military methods of chastizing rogue nations much less effective.

But that’s only part of the current problem.

The other part is the obvious weakness resident in the Oval Office that is emboldening those who hate us.

Reagan’s leadership proved the principle of Peace Through Strength. Biden is demonstrating the opposite principle.

Projecting the kind of weakness we’ve seen first with Blinken’s embarrassing display with China, then in the failed Afghanistan pullout, followed by the disastrous handling of Putin by making excuses for Russia making ‘a minor incursion’ while Putin was on the cusp of declaring war.

Example after example of this administration’s leadership weaknesses have been an invitation for the jackals to start circling.

One of those jackals is Iran.

Iran tried to abscond with a unique American unmanned surface vessel this week, the latest attempt by Iran and its IRGC to show that it can strike wherever and whenever it wants. It follows Iran carrying out attacks on US bases in Syria in mid-August. US Central Command said that Iran had attempted an “illegal” seizure of a US unmanned vessel.
…The Iranian attempt to grab and tow an American sea drone, which is what an unmanned surface vessel is, represents yet another Iranian attempt to humiliate the US and show that it can do what it wants in the Persian Gulf and Gulf of Oman.

If Joe’s ego didn’t prevent him from learning from the predecessor whose shoes he has been woefully inadequate to fill, he might have cracked the spine on Art of the Deal for a lesson critical for leadership success.

He might have learned a thing or two about negotiating, specifically, the danger of negotiating from a position of weakness. If you ever sit down to a deal you are unwilling to walk away from, it is inevitable that you will get taken to the cleaners.

Rebooting the JCPOA — however bad it was, and however little it will accomplish in terms of US national interests — is a deal that Joe cannot bring himself to walk away from. This means Iran knows they have him by the short hairs and can do whether the hell they want and he won’t say boo about it.

It doesn’t even seem to matter that evidence has been put forward that Iran was working in bad faith from Day One in their compliance with the first one.

Joe continues to be strung along with these endless negotiations, as Iran inches closer to that nuclear deal.

Put a contract out on American citizens like Bolton and Pompeo? No problem. Keep negotiating.

Cheer the attempted murder of Salman Rushdie in official state media? Crickets.

Send military aid to Russia so that Russia continue to wage its war against Ukraine? Didn’t bat an eye.

There were even rumors that one of the demands being made by Iran (which infamous received pallets of cash from Obama) wanted big-dollar payoffs from Biden, too.

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