Biden Denies That The Border Is More Open Than Ever Under His Watch (VIDEO)

Written by K. Walker on September 21, 2022

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Clueless Joe says that the border crisis is different now. Sure it is, Joe. Sure it is.

On Tuesday, a member of the press managed to shout a question to President Biden that he actually decided to answer.

The question was, “Why is the border more open than ever under your watch?”

His response was that it isn’t — despite all of the evidence to the contrary including more people on the terror watchlist apprehended at the border, detention centers overwhelmed, record deaths of attempted migrants, and record-setting migrant encounters for the fiscal year 2022 with a few weeks still to go.


The President’s message to the American people is, “Don’t believe your lying eyes — it’s different now. Trust me.”

Biden can spout some ridiculous talking point about how it’s “different” now because there has been a dramatic increase in economic migrants entering the country illegally who are fleeing failed attempts at socialism and communism, but that’s only part of the story.

The thing that he’s not mentioning is that the number is so high, it’s not like there has been a significant decrease in the migrants from Mexico and the Northern Triangle countries in South America — Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador — they still make up more than 50% of the illegal border crossers.

The individuals coming from failed leftwing “utopias” of Cuba, Nicaragua, and Venezuela are simply adding to the problem that already existed.

Because Biden dismantled all of the safeguards that Trump had put in place like the Remain in Mexico agreement, Title 42 expulsions, and the big one — building the wall, desperate economic migrants are putting their lives in the hands of cartels that don’t give a damn if they live or die as long as they get paid. These desperate people are paying the cartels for the privilege of treating them like cattle, trafficking children, and brutally raping women and young girls while they use large groups of migrants as distractions in order to smuggle drugs like fentanyl at another crossing point a few yards away. This, according to the Biden administration, is a “humane” border policy.

It turns out, at least one of the hostile leftwing regimes is using the “more humane” Biden border policy to deal with their own domestic problems — they’re emptying their jails of violent criminals presumably to keep them open for political prisoners.

From the article:

According to CBP, between October 2021 and July 2022 more than 130,000 Venezuelan migrants have had encounters at the border with immigration agents after illegally crossing into the United States.

“I had received information about these thugs coming in different ways,” Colina said in an interview with ADN America this morning, adding that he spoke to “people who had to cross through the Darien jungle and have encountered this type of individuals”.

Rumors are circulating among Venezuelans in exile who are concerned about the arrival of Venezuelan paramilitary groups who are penetrating the southwest U.S. border, he said on Twitter last night.

According to Colina, who previously served the Venezuelan Armed Forces (FANB, in Spanish) during the Chavez regime, when “migrants cross the jungle they tend to interact, and many of them have told others they were released from prison to come to the United States, and that they were released under this condition.”

Well, that seems like a wee bit of a problem, doesn’t it?

The idea that Biden, who is implementing the far-left Bernie Sanders platform is hesitant to deport the “undocumented migrants” who may or may not be violent criminals released from a Venezuelan prison after they openly flout U.S. immigration law simply because they come from places that Bernie Sanders has praised as the “future” is kind of hilarious in a dark way.

Meanwhile, the Number 1 target of the Regime Media after raising awareness about the border crisis, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is telling it like it is about the border. He said that nobody gave a damn when the Biden administration was flying migrants “all over the fruited plain” for months, nor did they care when illegal border crossers were overwhelming border towns or even when they were dropping dead while being smuggled in by cartels.

Democrats and their sycophants in the Regime Media only began to care when 48 Venezuelans were sent to Martha’s Vineyard.

Biden, the vast majority of Democrats, and the Partisan Presstitues don’t want to have a real conversation about the problem of Biden’s Broken Border and the millions of illegal border crossings that has occurred in the last few decades.

They just want to keep the border open and call it “humane” even though it’s one of the most inhumane policies and even the advocates of it have been exposed as frauds.


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