King Joe To Hand Iran Billions … BEFORE Congress Can Consider New Deal

Written by Wes Walker on September 9, 2022

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This puts a whole new spin on the America Last philosophy that undergirds Biden’s about-face on almost every one of Trump’s America First policies.

Biden knows that — under the American form of government — a treaty with any foreign nation is negotiated by the executive branch but it does not take effect until the Senate agrees to accept the terms.

Joe Biden KNOWS that, he just doesn’t CARE.

If he did care, this great ‘Defender of Democracy’ would not be structuring this deal by giving Iran a front-loaded take-the-money-and-run clause that kicks in on the day Joe signs it, long before the first day Congress gets a chance to review it, let alone agree to it.

The authoritarian sock-puppet for Obama’s defacto 3rd term already has a pen and a phone. Why would he need such trivialities as authorization from the Constitution?

After all… who’s gonna stop him? This is the same Joe Biden that will denounce Putin as a war criminal at one moment and work with Putin’s delegates as a go-between negotiating a deal that would stand to benefit BOTH Russia AND Iran (at our expense) in the next.

Sanctioned entities linked to Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC)—the country’s paramilitary fighting force that is trying to assassinate U.S. officials—will receive a massive influx of cash the moment the deal is signed. The Biden administration will also release some $7 billion in frozen assets tied to IRGC funding “prior to a single day of congressional review,” Richard Goldberg, former director for countering Iranian weapons of mass destruction on the White House National Security Council, told the Free Beacon.
“While Iran is actively trying to assassinate former U.S. officials and kidnap Iranian Americans, the Biden administration is offering Iran billions in upfront sanctions relief for the IRGC prior to a single day of congressional review,” Goldberg said. Other former U.S. officials who worked on the Iran portfolio estimate that about 172 sanctions will be lifted before the deal is submitted to Congress.
— Washington Free Beacon

Strictly speaking, Joe’s not legally allowed to give them one red cent until such time as the deal gets reviewed by the Senate. Any of the money Iran wants released would be connected to the nuclear deal itself.

Joe doesn’t have time to deal with petty things like a process. After all, the other parties in the negotiation rule with an iron fist, why can’t he? Besides, Joe’s old boss actually delivered pallets of cash to Iran. Cash that later ‘supercharged’ Iran’s global terror network.

Fast forward back to 2022, and Joe is poised to give Iran billions in sanctions relief with the single stroke of a pen.

While the Biden administration is barred from lifting sanctions before Congress reviews the deal, the White House is reportedly considering a workaround that will go into effect at the moment the deal is signed. President Joe Biden is expected to cancel three Trump administration executive orders that authorized sanctions on entities tied to Iran’s IRGC, according to former U.S. officials and a recent policy analysis published by the Foundation for Defense of Democracies (FDD), a nonpartisan think tank.
The executive orders authorized sanctions on Iranian financial institutions, its petrochemical and automotive sectors, and its manufacturing industry, as well as its mining, construction, and textile sectors. If Biden cancels these sanctions, a large tranche of cash will immediately become accessible.
…”Since this release is clearly tied to the nuclear deal negotiations, issuing a [sanctions] waiver before submitting the deal to Congress would be an even more brazen circumvention of INARA,” according to FDD’s analysis.
The Iranian sectors slated to get this sanctions relief generate an estimated 20 to 25 percent of Tehran’s GDP and 62 to 73 percent of its non-oil exports, according to FDD. “Rescinding these executive orders may provide Iran with sanctions-free access to least $30 billion in annual export revenue, or more than $13.5 billion over the reported 165-day interim deal period—with that number growing after sanctions are lifted,” the foundation predicts.
— Washington Free Beacon

The kingly power of moving billions with the flick of a pen must be truly intoxicating.

The ink is barely dry on his student debt forgiveness redistrubution scheme that added somewhere between hundreds of billions to a trillion dollars to the national debt, and God-only-knows how much damage to the economy now and into the future, and already he’s shoveling more out the door.

A few billion more to Ukraine, a few billion over to Iran.

Green card standards are going to be relaxed so that more people coming over the border can belly up to the government trough. Who cares? If we need more money, just squeeze the taxpayers tighter. They’re good for it.

For that matter, why stop at only 87,000 new IRS agents? There might be some loose change in the couch cushions that the government left behind for citizens to recklessly spend on things THEY might want.

But when it comes to any priorites that could make for an America that’s stronger?

That’s just not a spending priority.

Many have already asked some variation of the following question. We’ll put a ClashDaily spin on it: suppose a hostile power had dirt on Joe Biden and wanted to make America weaker than Joe has been doing all on his lonesome… what would they change?

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