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CLASH POLL: Did Rep. Eric Swalwell’s Campaign Make The WORST Political Ad Of All Time?

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Congressman Eric Swalwell posted his new campaign ad on social media and it’s a real stinker.

No surprise there since Swalwell may or may not have let one rip during a live tv spot.

The former Democratic presidential candidate who was duped by Chinese honeypot, Fang Fang, tweeted, “MAGA Republicans want women arrested for having an abortion. This is what it looks like.” He also added the hashtag “LockHerUp” which is so 2016.

Here’s the awful new ad:

This ad is nothing but a pro-abortion fever dream that claims that Republicans want to arrest women who have had abortions rather than protecting the lives of the unborn.

The truth is, most Americans believe that abortion should be limited at some point in pregnancy, but pro-abort Democrats who advocate for abortion on demand for all 40 weeks of pregnancy continue to suggest that any limit on abortion is unacceptable and “anti-woman.”

These pro-abort ghouls are further out of step from the mainstream view than pro-life activists who believe that life begins at conception — and it’s not because they don’t believe the fetus is a life, it’s because they don’t care that it is. 

And what’s with the acting? You’d think with all of Hollywood behind the Democrats they’d be able to hire actors with a modicum of talent.

From start to finish this was a dumpster fire… but it’s a tough race to the bottom.

Arguably the worst attack ad ever made was the one in 2017 that targeted Republican Ed Gillespie who was running for Governor of Virginia against the erstwhile Blackface aficionado Ralph Northam.

The ad really leaned into Hillary’s “basket of deplorables” line painting Gillespie supporters as racists who would mow down minority children with their big-ass pickup trucks.

So, what do you think is Fartwell’s pro-abort ad worse than the anti-Gillespie ad?

Swalwell is getting a lot of well-desreved mockery on Twitter for his new ad.

Actor Nick Searcy replied to Swalwell’s tweet with a clip from his documentary “Capital Punishment” about the treatment of the January 6 rioters. He wrote, “This what the @FBI is actually doing right now. It isn’t some weird @ericswalwell fantasy. It’s real.”

Here’s the clip:

While Searcy is right that people who attended the protests on Jan. 6 have been facing shameful treatment by the FBI, there’s a closer parallel that could be drawn.

Pro-life activists have been targeted and harassed by Biden’s DOJ with similar FBI raids on their homes, have been arrested for peaceful protests, and, in one case, an elderly woman was shot for passing out pamphlets on a ballot initiative.

But pro-lifers continue to do what they do because they know that they are saving the lives of babies and helping families.

Meanwhile, the pro-abortion groups that are firebombing and vandalizing crisis pregnancy centers, disrupting church services, doxxing home addresses of Supreme Court Justices, and threatening to burn down the Supreme Court building and murder Justices are given a free pass.

But in the upside-down world of the pro-abort Left, it’s the pro-lifers that are the problem.

Of course.

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