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ERICKSON: Unleashing The Globalist ‘Beast’

For our purposes here, ‘The Beast’ is the worldwide communist campaign to take over the earth. The Beast is not a creature. It is not something tangible that bleeds. Rather, the Beast is like a virus: highly infectious, tough, toxic and tenacious. It is a system of belief, in many ways, like a religion. And its adherents are fanatical.

So when you read that Obama is critical of Woke Democrats, or when he says white people oppose immigration because they are afraid of dark-skinned people, his remarks require translation in light of the Beast. Everything Obama says is calculated to feed and advance the Beast.

To divide and conquer people based on false accusations of racism is merely a tactic. What Obama is really shooting for is the grand strategy.

Obama tells Democrats they are fixated on Trump to the detriment of their electoral fortunes, followed by his statement critical of Woke Democrats. At the same time he advances transgenderism.

It’s all smoke and mirrors, to feed the Beast.

Obama doesn’t care so much about the upcoming election as he fervently worships the Beast. His pronouncements target wasted efforts and meaningless sideshows. Essentially he is saying to Democrats everywhere, ‘It’s not about Trump. It’s not about Wokeness. It’s not about abortion or inflation or immigration or sexual orientation. It’s about global control. Don’t be distracted by the little stuff.’ Kerry, Gore, Schumer, Biden, and the rest readily concur. It’s not really about global warming. It’s about global governance. All this chaos allows Biden to claim “the economy is strong as hell,” even as prices skyrocket and people default on their utility bills. Freedom suffers to the delight of globalists everywhere.

And so it is with Pelosi (“China is the freest nation on earth”). Just recently she sparked tensions with Beijing by visiting Taiwan. She now praises China, her eyes again fixed on globalism, and the health of her investments in computer chip making in Taiwan. Hillary Clinton (“ideology is so yesterday…”) cares nothing about the continuance of democracy, thought she pretends to cherish it. Like most elites, she yearns for global government. Chinese President Xi says the next five years will be critical in renewing Chinese power and influence. Now Emperor for life, he celebrates his five-year plan, focused on “rejuvenation” which is not limited to Chinese borders. Notice as well Iranian troops joining Russia to crush Ukraine to establish control over the near and middle east. Meanwhile, Biden is content to help globalists everywhere even if it means destroying America, a major goal in the march to authoritarianism worldwide.

Elites throughout the world have lusted after the vision of one-world government for many decades, and before. History is pock-marked by a never-ending supply of dictators always seething after global control.

And they will kill millions to get there as demonstrated last century.

Still, there is only One who has all power, and He is sovereign. Man’s pride and presumption will never interfere with His divine plan, settled before the creation of the world. The Beast has no standing.

Allan Erickson

Allan Erickson---Christian, husband, father, journalist, businessman, screenwriter, and author of The Cross & the Constitution in the Age of Incoherence, Tate Publishing, 2012.

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