Hunter’s Real Estate Company Received $40M Investment From Corrupt Moscow Mayor’s Widow

Written by K. Walker on October 17, 2022

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Newly leaked emails show that Hunter Biden had even more financial ties to a Russian billionaire than previously thought.

Before the presidential election in 2020, the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs (HSGAC) issued a report that revealed some rather disturbing evidence pointing to conflicts of interest, corruption, the very likely Biden Family influence-peddling operation, and evidence of what appears to be outright illegal activity by the now-First Son.

Of course, the Regime Media buried that report.

You’d think the Russia-obsessed media would have been interested since it also included the fascinating little tidbit that Hunter Biden was wired $3.5 million from Yelena Baturina, a Russian billionaire and the widow of Yury Luzhkov, the former Mayor of Moscow who was known to be corrupt.

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But no. The “Russia, Russia, Russia” journos seemingly weren’t all that interested in the Biden family’s financial connections to Russia.

The Daily Mail reports that those financial ties were stronger than previously reported.

Leaked emails from an anti-corruption group in Kazakhstan shed light on Hunter’s lucrative business dealings with Baturina. The emails were sent from Hunter’s friend and business partner, Devon Archer, who is now in jail for fraud. Archer had sent the emails to Kenes Rakishev, a Kazakh businessman who also went into business with Hunter.

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The emails show that in 2012, Baturina sent $40 million to Rosemont Realty to invest in seven office buildings in Texas, Colorado, Alabama, New Mexico, and Oklahoma. Archer was attempting to get Rakishev to invest alongside Baturina.

Hunter Biden’s real estate company received a $40million investment from a Russian oligarch, new emails reveal.
The relationship between the president’s son and Yelena Baturina, the billionaire widow of a corrupt Moscow mayor, has already been flagged as alarming by a Senate report after she mysteriously wired $3.5million to a company linked to Hunter.
Baturina’s brother Viktor Baturin told the money was ‘a payment to enter the American market.’
But can now reveal that Hunter’s financial relationship with Baturina was far more extensive, with her firm investing $40million in a real estate venture by Hunter’s company Rosemont Realty.
In 2012 Hunter’s firm had a $69.7million plan to invest in 2.15million sq ft of office space in seven US cities.
Documents outlining the plan said the money came from a mix of investors, including $40million from Inteco Management AG, a Swiss company owned by Baturina.
The Inteco group is a plastics and construction behemoth that made Baturina the richest woman in Russia at the time. She has a current net worth of $1.4billion according to Forbes.
The documents reveal that Hunter’s financial ties to Baturina began years earlier than previously thought – and were much more significant as well.
Source: Daily Mail

An attachment to the email outlined the deal with Baturina and other investors.

Archer attached a three-page document written in Russian outlining the deal. The document says the seven offices would be bought by a partnership set up in March 2012, and that ‘Rosemont Realty has entered into property acquisition contracts for $212,580,000’.
The deal comprised about $52million in cash and $160million in mortgages.
Rosemont Realty was putting up at least $15million of its own cash alongside Baturina’s and other investors, the document said.
‘The Managing Partnership will receive a total investment of $69,700,000 from the partners. The Managing General Partner will invest at least $15,000,000 of share capital on the same terms as all partners in the Investment Partnership,’ an approximate Russian translation states.
Source: Daily Mail

Archer was listed as the executive director of Rosemont Realty on the emails and attached documents.

Hunter’s former business partner is now a “guest of the government” — but not in a good way. Archer is serving a one-year prison sentence for defrauding a Native American tribe in a complex $60million bond scheme.

Meanwhile, Hunter walks free.

It sure does pay to be a Biden.

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