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LMAO: Reality Hits ‘Green’ Germany As They Rip Up A Wind Farm To Make … THIS!

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The German language seems to have a word for everything. In this story, the word is schadenfreude.

Here’s the tl;dr summary: Germany is ripping up wind farms to expand coal production.

The Eco zealots have been hellbent for leather to shut down every energy option except wind and solar. Germany was among the nations that lead the way in that grand experiment.

The were also one of the first countries to realize that these options have NOT been enough to sustain Germany’s energy needs. After all, the manufacturing sector that keeps Germany’s economy running takes a lot of energy to keep it humming.

Wind and solar just can’t keep up with the energy needs.

ArcelorMittal (MT.LU) said on Friday it would switch off one of two furnaces at its steelworks in the German city of Bremen until further notice from September-end, citing the soaring cost of gas, weak market demand and a negative economic outlook.
The world’s second-largest steelmaker said it will also shut down the direct reduction plant at its Hamburg steel factory from the fourth quarter of this year, while keeping workers on shorter hours at both sites
. — Reuters

Between the left’s aggressive push to close nuclear plants and the loss of gas supply from Russia, Germany is scrambling for ways to keep their economy from stalling and keeping their citizens from freezing in the dark.

A wind farm is being dismantled in western Germany to make way for an expansion of an open-pit lignite coal mine in a “paradoxical” situation highlighting the current prioritization of energy security over clean energy in Europe’s biggest economy.
The dismantling of at least one wind turbine at the wind farm close to the German coal mine Garzweiler, operated by energy giant RWE, has already started. RWE says that lignite, or brown coal, has been mined from the Garzweiler coalfields for over 100 years.
RWE also said at the end of September that three of its lignite-fired coal units that were previously on standby would return to the electricity market on schedule in October.
“The three lignite units each have a capacity of 300 megawatts (MW). With their deployment, they contribute to strengthening the security of supply in Germany during the energy crisis and to saving natural gas in electricity generation,” RWE said last month.

With killing cold coming in the winter, power grid failure is not an option.

Since green has failed to deliver…

Coal is coming to the rescue.

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