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TECH TYRANNY: Paypal Walks Back Plan To FINE People $2500 For ‘Disinformation’

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Paypal is backpedaling after early reports of ‘fines of up to $2500 per infraction’ for WrongThink sparked outrage among supporters of free speech.

Our government’s misinformation narrative is WAY off…

It’s been a tough year for the defenders of the D.C. insiders’ uniparty and the Biden regime currently heading it up. Not only did the Ministry Of Truth scheme get shot down, but Team Joe got caught with their pants down in a variety of examples of the Dems colluding with Big Tech and the media.

Fauci was one example. Evidence of the White House actively cooperating with Silicon Valley in censoring divergent views of Covid was another. The involvement of the three-letter-agences in America’s ‘Intelligence Community’ getting ahead of Hunter Laptop story and running active interference both at the Congressional level and with Social Media giants was yet another.

Axios pulled the mask off of an effort by Media Matters to create a network of 51 supposedly ‘local news outlets’ whose actual purpose was to work as Democrat agitprop in battleground states during an election cycle.

And Just the News has done the same with a group specificially designed to get ahead of ‘misinformation’ before it goes viral.

Aconsortium of four private groups worked with the departments of Homeland Security (DHS) and State to censor massive numbers of social media posts they considered misinformation during the 2020 election, and its members then got rewarded with millions of federal dollars from the Biden administration afterwards, according to interviews and documents obtained by Just the News.
The Election Integrity Partnership is back in action again for the 2022 midterm elections, raising concerns among civil libertarians that a chilling new form of public-private partnership to evade the First Amendment’s prohibition of government censorship may be expanding
. — JustTheNews

Makes Paypal’s foray into authoritarianism even more obscene…

We already know which team Paypal plays for. They’ve long since tipped their hand in who they support and do NOT support.

But what kind of arrogance does it take to think that running a financial institution gives you either the moral or legal right to push a policy like this one?

A new policy update from PayPal will permit the firm to sanction users who advance purported “misinformation” or present risks to user “wellbeing” with fines of up to $2,500 per offense.
The financial services company, which has repeatedly deplatformed organizations and individual commentators for their political views, will expand its “existing list of prohibited activities” on November 3. Among the changes are prohibitions on “the sending, posting, or publication of any messages, content, or materials” that “promote misinformation” or “present a risk to user safety or wellbeing.” Users are also barred from “the promotion of hate, violence, racial or other forms of intolerance that is discriminatory.”

It might be a clue that they’ve royally screwed up when the former CEO of Paypal and Elon Musk (one of the co-founders) both make public statements critical of the new policy.

Paypal got some serious pushback and they are now distancing themselves from it.

PayPal is not fining people for misinformation, and this language was never intended to be inserted in our policy.
‘Our teams are working to correct our policy pages,’ they noted, adding: ‘We’re sorry for the confusion this has caused.’
The apparent reversal comes just one day after its former president David Marcus slammed the online payment firm over the implication that it could seize customers’ money for finding their views objectionable.
‘It’s hard for me to openly criticize a company I used to love and gave so much to,’ he tweeted on Saturday. ‘But @PayPal’s new AUP goes against everything I believe in.
‘A private company now gets to decide to take your money if you say something thy disagree with. Insanity.’
Tesla CEO Elon Musk soon replied that he ‘agreed,’ in a tweet that garnered more than 27,400 likes.
— DailyMail

To see just how insane this policy is, you need look no further than our own legal system.

Run properly, absent the problem of corrupt individuals taking liberties with the power at their fingertips, the American system protects the accused by compartmentalizing the different steps of our legal process.

The people collecting evidence and arresting suspects work seprately from the lawyers who would prosecute and defend the accused, who in turn are a different group from those who determine guilt, innocence and the penalty phase.

This is designed to prevent those who collect the evidence from having a bias in how that evidence is used or weighed, or what conclusions are derived from that evidence.

When those firewalls are circumvented, we see situations like the endless witch-hunt against the Trump family, with some politicians literally campaigning on a promise to harrass a private citizen and his family.

The policy Paypal was intending to adopt was a step worse than that. They would make unilateral decisions about the guilt or innocence of their clients, pronounce a judgment, confiscate their personal property, and offer no legal protections or remedy to the person who has been so treated.

Worse still, there is every reason to expect these judgements would be capricious and arbitrary, singling out political viewpoint discrimination with the confiscated money enriching the company itself.

How is this different from some feudal Baron deciding a lesser lord had commited some sort of an infraction that would require his lands and titles to be stripped from him (perhaps his life as well) with those lands and titles being awarded to someone the Baron liked better?

This Paypal scheme may have been abandoned, but the fact that they even contemplated it shows just how much these leftist architects of cancel culture resemble authoritarian feudal aristrocrats.

Use their services at your own risk… espeically if you are a conservative. There are plenty of other choices out there.

A quick search of options friendly to the First Amendment that won’t censor conservatives turned up five options you may want to look into. There are probably others out there as well.

They are: Parallel Economy, Align Pay, 2nd Amendment Processing, Gab Pay, & GETTR Pay

Any of these seems like a safer place to keep your money than with the freedom-hating goblins currenly overseeing operations at Paypal.

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Wes Walker

Wes Walker is the author of "Blueprint For a Government that Doesn't Suck". He has been lighting up since its inception in July of 2012. Follow on twitter: @Republicanuck

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