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WATCH: Biden Calls GOP-Led Efforts To Block So-Called ‘Gender-Affirming Care’ For Minors As Immoral

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Oh, look at that! The “devout Catholic” Joe Biden says that it’s not “moral” to protect children from genital mutilation.

President Biden met with a number of progressive activists last week for an interview that aired on leftwing propaganda outlet “Now This News” on Sunday.

At one point, Biden discussed transgender issues with Dylan Mulvaney, a controversial TikTok “influencer” who has been documenting his “transition” to “girlhood” on the Chinese spyware app masquerading as a social media platform.

Mulvaney asks Biden, “Do you think that states have a right to ban ‘gender-affirming’ healthcare?”

Biden replied, “I don’t think any state or anybody should have the right to do that. As a moral question and as a legal question, I just think it’s wrong.”

The so-called “gender-affirming healthcare” Mulvaney is referring to is a euphemism for unproven medical interventions for gender-confused minors including off-label use of chemical castration drugs, cross-sex hormones, and in some cases, irreversible surgery.

These interventions can cause permanent damage to kids, not to mention the nasty possible side effects that range from alopecia and the inability to achieve orgasm to osteoporosis and increased risk of cancer.

That’s what this Dynamic Duo is discussing so casually.

Mulvaney also sets up Biden to use trans issues as a cudgel against Republicans.

“It feels like Republicans have turned trans and nonbinary people into this thing to blame society’s downfall on in some ways,” claims Mulvaney, “And this narrative is not only dangerous to our mental health but also our physical safety. And particularly, trans women of color are being killed at an alarming rate.”

“More than any other group,” interjects Joe.

“Thank you. How can Democratic leaders be more effective in advocating for us trans people, our families, our lives, and our opportunities?” asks Mulvaney.

Biden responds by saying that just being present with “people like you” is what Democrats need to do. He then takes shots at anyone who opposes transgender self-identification that allows men who claim to be women into women-only spaces.

He said that what some red states are doing to protect women’s spaces and children from mutilation is “immoral.”

Trans women of color are killed more than any other group?

It’d be nice if there was a fact-check on that claim, but Current Thing News — oh, sorry, “NowThis News” — doesn’t do that sort of thing when a Democrat speaks. They are just cheerleaders for the Regime.

In a way, Mulvaney and NowThis mirror each other — one is a man presenting himself as a “girl”, and the other is a propaganda outfit calling itself “news.”


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