WATCH: Mom RIPS Groomer School Board Over ‘Family-Friendly’ Event Sponsored By Gender Clinic

Written by K. Walker on October 13, 2022

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The new voting bloc of fed-up parents isn’t going anywhere.

Parents are sick of the “woke” indoctrination in schools — particularly the creeping in of critical theory into classrooms by activist educators who introduce neo-Marxist ideas on race and gender that have been baked into the curriculum.

One parent’s epic rant to her local school board is going viral for all the right reasons.

She called out the Encinitas Union School District for promoting drag shows for elementary school kids.

The “family-friendly” drag show was sponsored by a clinic that offers “gender transition” surgeries and a 21+ gay bar.

Former Miss California, Carrie Prejean Boller, is one of the concerned parents in the district who said that the approval of the event violated their own policy.

Here is Boller on KSUI’s “Good Morning San Diego” talking about the drag event and the rally protesting it.

How does approval for an event like that even happen?

Would the school allow other adult-oriented venues to host events? What about some other medical clinic with a financial interest in promoting a lifelong subscription service to medicalization?

Boller isn’t the only upset mom in the district.

One mom decided to explain in very clear language why so many parents are finding these “family-friendly” drag events offensive.

Even the dunderheaded “woke” school board members should be able to understand that, right?

This push for radical gender ideology by school districts is happening at a time when kids are struggling to read and do math after 2 years of lockdowns and “virtual school” that pushed them back years in their education.

Maybe it would be better to focus on the basics of education and leave the morality to parents.

Strangely, school districts don’t seem to want that.

It’s great to see moms (and dads) stand up against the woke indoctrination in schools, but it’s important to know how they’re so effective.

Twitter user Wokal Distance wrote an epic Twitter thread on why this 120 seconds of awesome worked in order for others to replicate this successful model.

Check it out:

These moms are badasses.

Wokal Distance is right — we need more parents out there just like them.

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