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Arizona AG Demands Answers For Election SNAFUs Before Vote Gets Certified

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Democrats celebrating the remarkable win of Democrats in the Arizona race, despite Lake crusing Hobbs in the polls should put their champagne back on ice … at least for now.

We’ve still got a ways to go before the proverbial fat lady takes the stage for the closing number.

Mark Brnovich sent an email to Thomas Liddy on November 19th telling him he needed answers about what went wrong in Maricopa before November 28th.

At issue was the fact that he has received ‘hundreds of complaints’ that aren’t mere speculation, but which ‘include first-hand witness accounts that raise concerns regarding Maricopa’s lawful compliance with Arizona election law.’

Some 60 voter locations had reports of problems relating to printers having varying configuration settings, which, in turn, caused problems with the ballots being read.

The letter goes on to name 7 specific lines of inquiry about printers, tabulations and procedures for which they want answers. But there was more.

Brnovich raised the issue about voters who were sent to another location. Officals who sent Arizona voters to another station after they signed in — and those who accepted provisional ballots — both did so in explicit contravention of Arizona election law.

The last section of the email addresses the ‘door 3’ ballots. These are the ballots which could not be read by the machines but were placed in another box with assurances given that these votes would be counted by hand at the end of the night. There is evidence that this is not accurate.

Maybe Stacey ‘the Governor’ Abrams could help us determine what the correct term is for when people catvotes cast that were never counted.

If the ‘reputable’ media portrayals of this inquiry are any indicator, this will be widely dismissed as ‘election denial’ by anyone who hasn’t actually read the email or seen the evidence.

But Arizonans smell a rat, and they have a VERY effective way of communicating that idea.

WATCH: Arizona Bro Makes A PASSIONATE Argument For Why Election Integrity Matters

If Dems have nothing to hide, they won’t mind the scrutiny… right?

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