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GLOAT FEST: Team USA Crushing Iran Is About Much More Than Just Soccer

First England, now Iran? They’ve found a way to inject some fun into a sport so many of us know almost nothing about.

We can’t help but gloat over the win. But for all the sniping we can (and will) enjoy with this victory, there is an actual news story that most of the modern media will miss. We cover it in the ‘in all seriousness’ section, below.

Before we get to the serious stuff, let’s begin with some gloating…

This time around, World Cup is a little like professional wrestling — it’s the storyline behind the matchups that make the games interesting.

A couple of days ago, we had some fun by making the English look bad on the ‘pitch’ and holding them to an unthinkable nil-nil draw. America And England Met In The World Cup … And Social Media Went Wild!

We even dedicated a sale for one of shirts to get in on the celebration. In keeping with our ClashDaily rowdy theme, naturally it was our George Washington ‘Suck It England’ t-shirt that was knocked down to about half price. (Discount applied at cart.) Since team USA is still in contention, the sale is ongoing.

Next up was our do-or-die elimination match against Iran.

And the Iranians haven’t been smoked by the US this badly since Trump ordered the drone strike on Solemani.

Ok, maybe the final was 1-0. But compared to the game against the English, that’s a blowout.

Maybe the Supreme Leader can console himself with the fact that at least they lost to the ‘Great Satan’ and not some lesser adversary. Or, seeing as he runs a radically fundamentalist regime with a fatalist view of predetermination … he can remind himself that it was the will of Allah that Iran be humiliated … IN the Middle East … with the eyes of the entire world on the game.

Wah. Cry yourself to sleep, Mr. Supreme ‘Leader’.

In all seriousness…

As much fun as this mockery is — and we WILL come back for seconds a little further down — there is an actual newsworthy aspect to this story. But it’s subtle enough that most Western media will completely miss it.

Iran is feeling the heat for their authoritarian crackdown on people protesting the headscarf mandates…

…and their players are forbidden to speak out. So what did they do?

While Western slactivists made an empty show of proving their fealty to Secular Colonialists with their rainbow flags, Iranians risked the actual wrath of a police state in standing against Iran’s crackdown on female protesters choosing NOT to comply with the Morality Police dress codes.

An Iranian reporter makes it clear that criticism of the regime can — and will — result in deliberate extrajudicial killings.

Joe Biden wanted to turn Saudi Arabia into a ‘pariah state’ over less than this. Will he finally stop playing footsie with the world’s greatest state sponsor in terror? Or does Hunter have unsavory business interests tied up with them, too?

Sadly, this take on Biden’s relative silence in the face of one of the big moral questions of the day is probably the right one:

Back to the gloating… because it’s STILL so much fun

There’s so much more we could include.

But this here was *chef’s kiss* perfect:



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