Hey Dems: Are You Cool With Biden’s Green Agenda Nuking Your Pension Plans?

Written by Wes Walker on November 23, 2022

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Biden Dems pretend to care about the little guy, the working class, the elderly, and the unions. But Joe is taking dead aim at all of their economic security because his agenda is more important.

Dems used a lot of time and energy convincing persuadable people that Republicans were a threat to Social Security and the financial well-being of working or elderly Americans.

If Biden cares so much about the financial needs of the groups he pretends to champion, why did he overturn a Trump-era law that helped them?

The Biden administration will allow employers to invest pension money in green industries that could provide lower returns for Americans.
The move, which was announced on Tuesday, reverses a rule imposed by Trump in 2020 that forced employers to prioritize profit when making 401(k) investments.
The new rule introduced by US Department of Labor will allow retirement plan investors to focus on ESG investing – which considers the environmental and social impacts of investments.
— DailyMail

In other words, your federal government is in the process of specifically green-lighting Corporate investors to abandon fiduciary responsibility to investors trying to maximize returns so they aren’t eating cat food in their retirement years.

What are they prioritizing instead of setting senior citizens up for retirement?

Since this is Biden, it should be obvious. In simple terms, investors will be using ‘other people’s money’ (ie: yours) to reward companies for embracing woke notions about the enviroment, race, and ‘social justice’ while punishing companies that don’t bend the knee to that agenda.

The left have found a way to turn your retirement investments into a weapon to force ‘social change’ and Biden is happy to let them play along.

The Dems make grand gestures to convince us they care very much about the little guy. But in reality, are they anything more than step-and-fetches for the grand plans of the Davos elite donor class they have sold themselves out to?

How else would you explain this:

Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm met with billionaire Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates almost immediately after she was confirmed by the Senate, internal agency calendars showed.
Granholm’s meeting with Gates, […] took place at noon on Feb. 26, 2021, about 24 hours after she was confirmed to the position, […] The meeting with Gates marked Granholm’s first private meeting with a non-government official, according to her calendar.
…”This is just another example showing D.C. as an insiders’ game for the wealthy and powerful, and regular people need not apply,” PPT Director Michael Chamberlain told Fox News Digital.
“With all of the media interviews and getting acquainted with the employees she’ll be working with, on her first day she made sure to make time for Bill Gates, one of the richest people in the world,” he continued. “And that wasn’t even the only time they met. It’s easy to see who has the real influence in Washington.”
— FoxNews

The article goes on to remind us that Bill Gates actively advocates the total closure of ALL coal-fueled power plants. Let’s give some analysis on the implications of these policies, shall we?

Maybe the Beltway insiders can just write off massive losses in their investments, but for ordinary people being squeezed in a vise between increased expenses due to inflation and decreased financial security because of their nest egg and/or pension fund being jackhammered in the markets, this is a big deal with serious life-changing consequences.

If we had an honest media, this kind of story would be leading the news at night.

There’s one more wrinkle to this story that Dems don’t want you to consider too closely, either.

The left LOVES throwing around terms like Nazi, or fascist. Some of us have even been directly called ‘semi-fascist’ by the man who once tried to brand himself the President-of-all-Americans™.

They don’t want you to think too carefully about some of the signature features of fascism:

…But there was also an economic policy component of fascism, known in Europe during the 1920s and ‘30s as “corporatism,” that was an essential ingredient of economic totalitarianism as practiced by Mussolini and Hitler. …
…The evil deeds of individual fascists were later condemned, but the practice of economic fascism never was. …
…The essence of fascism, therefore, is that government should be the master, not the servant, of the people. …
… Corporatist planning, according to Mussolini adviser Fausto Pitigliani, would give government intervention in the Italian economy a certain “unity of aim,” as defined by the government planners. …
… A third defining characteristic of economic fascism is that private property and business ownership are permitted, but are in reality controlled by government through a business-government “partnership.” As Ayn Rand often noted, however, in such a partnership government is always the senior or dominating “partner.”
— Foundation For Economic Education. “Economic Fascism, Planned Capitalism Lives On”, June 1, 1994

Notice the date of that article. It was written long enough ago that it could not have been influenced by the update-your-dictionary-definitions-to-comply-with-government-narrative practice we’re seeing in modern society.

In other words, it’s a more ‘authentic’ and ‘historic’ definition of the word the left has used to describe anyone to the right of Noam Chomsky.

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