OOPS: Did Politico’s Fact-Check LEGITIMIZE Another Former Conspiracy Theory?

Written by Wes Walker on November 23, 2022

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Isn’t amazing how many absolutely airtight scientific assertions you could be ‘canceled’ for contradicting have been discredited as incontrovertible evidence added up?

All it took was enough time for the real-world evidence and data to catch up to the narrative.

It’s a narrative apparently made possible, according to evidence turned up in the Missouri AG’s court filing, because of unconstitutional coordination between a whole whack of government administrators and social media.

Social distancing? Turns out that was always an arbitrary number. Vaccines stopping the spread of COVID? Oops, the jab was never tested for its ability to stop transmission.

Remember how we were told there were no adverse effects? That was before it was ok to talk about ‘rare’ side effects like facial paralysis or myocarditis.

Fauci’s involvement in pushing the ‘natural origin’ — and calling for the social media silencing of those who contradicted his narrative — has just been dealt a serious blow…

Fact-checkers have been working overtime to hold the line on the precious ‘Rona narratives they have left. They tend to use some combination of deny, diminish, and deflect. Deny outright what they can while throwing in as many caveats and asterisks to undermine confidence in whatever statement they are trying to fact-check.

In instances where neither option is available to them, there is still option three: claim the issue in question had a cause other than the one they are trying to discredit.

Jake Shields has just called out a supposed fact-checker on exactly that process. We can see their spin doctors in action with this Politico fact-check about embalmers.

Isn’t THAT interesting? That fact-check was put out in February of this year. It came out in response to videos where embalmers were showing videos about a bizarre new kind of clot that was showing up in the veins of cadavers.

When that story was circulating, ClashDaily shared the video shared by an embalmer concerned that there was an alarming new symptom found in the veins of more than one person he had prepared for burial.

We stopped short of making any assertions about the cause, but these symptoms became relevant because they suddenly stopped appearing in multiple people without any easy explanation for where they came from.

The clots themselves were not even the same as your typical clot. They had different properties, even a different color. These ones were white and rubbery, which is not the case with ordinary clots.

CREEPY: Embalmers Concerned By Upsurge In Weird New ‘Blood Clots’ … What ARE They?

Now that the cozy relationship between political insiders driving the narratives and the ‘misinformation’ label used to silence dissent have been exposed, we are seeing old news in a new light.

No ‘clear evidence’ that it is ’caused by’. And…? Don’t you suppose we should want to know what IS causing them?

After all, we are finally seeing some movement in the direction of studying possible adverse effects of the jab.

Isn’t the very CORE of science to be inquisitive about unexplained phenomena?

If this is a whole other kind of clot — one not previously documented — showing up in multiple people isn’t it the nature of scientific inquiry to find out what is causing people to develop clots and look for a way to keep that from happening?

You’d think so.

But the defenders of the narrative are more interested in silencing questions than they are in finding answers.

Inquisitive people might find that to be a whole OTHER interesting line of inquiry to follow up on, don’t you think?

We were punished for the wrong opinion, but we’ve been on the right side of this issue from the beginning.

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