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If The FBI Had Informants On The Inside … How Do They Explain J6?

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We have heard every possible explanation for the events of January 6th. But the holes in the story make it likely we have never gotten CLOSE to the whole story.

When Dems first pushed impeachment, it was specifically based on the claims that Trump had personally taken actions on that day that were somehow directly responsible for whipping that crowd into a frenzy that descended upon the Capitol.

We heard all kinds of wild accusations about zip ties and murdered police officers, painting scenarios of kidnapping and violence, despite a coroner having declared officer Sicknick dying of natural causes with zero evidence of head trauma, and the zip ties having belonged to Capitol Police, and were returned to authorities by one of the protesters inside who didn’t want to see them used in any inapproptriate way.

Then came a pivot to an organized assault on the Capitol in which various militia groups were going to descend for whatever heinous purpose we’re supposed to believe. That led to arrests, and even some convictions.

With those cases still pending, we’ve learned a lot about how the FBI handles cases. We’ve seen them infiltrate Bible Studies while trying to encourage people present to build a Molotov cocktail and test it on federal property. We’ve seen arrests made over someone owning a lego representation of the Capitol building (still in the box). We’ve seen signs of entrapment in the Gov. Whitmer ‘fednapping’ case, among other instances that came up in court cases.

FBI Director Christopher Wray continues to be cagey about whether or not the FBI had informants embedded within the J6 protesters.

On Tuesday, Congressman Clay Higgins (R-LA) asked Director Wray, “Did you have confidential human sources dressed as Trump supporters inside The Capitol on January 6th prior to the doors being opened?”

Director Wray replied, “I have to be very careful about what I can say.”

Now we know that the FBI had insiders in some of these same organizations. That changes what we know about January 6th completely… in a few ways.

The FBI had as many as eight informants inside the far-right Proud Boys in the months surrounding the storming of the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, recent court papers indicate, raising questions about how much federal investigators were able to learn from them about the violent mob attack both before and after it took place.
The existence of the informants came to light over the past few days in a flurry of veiled court filings by defense lawyers for five members of the Proud Boys who are set to go on trial next month on seditious conspiracy charges connected to the Capitol attack.
In the papers, some of which were heavily redacted, the lawyers claimed that some of the information the confidential sources had provided to the government was favorable to their efforts to defend their clients against sedition charges and was improperly withheld by prosecutors until several days ago.

There are several loose ends that the so-called J6 Commission took absolutely no interest in learning about since their sole purpose was (obviously) the personal destruction of Donald Trump so that he would be unable to run for office in 2024.

The Pipe Bomb. There are a lot of unanswered questions about how it was there, why it wasn’t detected in a sweep before Kamala showed up, how it came to be discovered at exactly the right time to distract the few police that were working security that day from having their full attention on the activity of the crowd.

Ray Epps One of the very few instances of open-and-shut video evidence showing an individual directly whipping up protesters to ‘storm’ the Capitol was a man identified as Ray Epps. Feds initially included him in their list of wanted persons, and then suddenly he was protected and hidden away. No charges were filed against him.

What connection, if any, does this man have to the Feds? If no connection, why is he not arrested? If there is a connection, on whose behalf was he acting on those videos? Was he being paid with taxpayer dollars when he was standing outside the Capitol on the 5th and 6th?

Have we ruled out the possibility that this was another one of those FBI ‘insurance policies’ like the Crossfire Hurricane one they had in place to destroy Donald Trump the first time?

J6 Preparedness The FBI was given heads-up about the events of J6 from law enforcement in other cities. We know this. We also know that the official story is that the warning was unread on the desk.

If we have as many as 8 feds directly participating as informants in these super-dangerous insurrectionist gangs, how did this catch them off-guard? You’d think this would be priority-one, with a follow-up phone call or face-to-face meeting if they didn’t hear back about it?

That brings us back to the exculpatory information that would exonerate Trump — the documented proof that he offered tens of thousands of National Guard to provide security and keep the peace.

How does that square with claims that Trump wanted an ‘insurrection’? A National Guard presence would certainly have completely shut down what happened on that day.

We’re still waiting for all the information Pelosi buried about who made what decision for Capitol security that day. By January, we’ll finally get to see it.

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