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Evidence Suggests That The Missile That Hit Poland Came From Ukraine — Biden Confirms

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Does this explain Biden’s weird G20 presser?

On Tuesday, Poland reported that a missile hit a farming community in the eastern part of the country near its border with Ukraine, killing two people.

The strike in Poland occurred as a barrage of Russian missiles targeted Ukrainian energy infrastructure near the border of Poland. Ukrainian missiles were countering the Russian attack.

An initial statement from the Polish Foreign Ministry as well as officials in Ukraine identified the missile as “Russian-made.”

Ukrainian President Volodymr Zelenskyy called the missile attack “terror” and demanded action.

Polish President Andrzej Duda slightly downplayed the statement from his government saying that the origins of the missile were still being verified but that it was “most probably” Russian-made.

As the investigation continued, NATO’s Article 4 was invoked which called an emergency meeting of members to convene talks when one member is under threat.

The Associated Press reports:

The blast, which Ukrainian President Volodymr Zelenskyy decried as “a very significant escalation,” prompted Biden to call an emergency meeting of G-7 and NATO leaders. A deliberate, hostile attack on NATO member Poland could trigger a collective military response by the alliance.

President Biden spoke with Duda as well as Zelenskyy following the attack and then met with G7 and NATO leaders.

The Presidential briefing with U.S. officials was followed by a bizarre presser with President Biden and other G20 leaders where Biden remained tight-lipped about what he had been told.

WATCH: Biden’s First Public Statement After Russian Missiles Hit NATO Ally

Earlier on Tuesday, the Pentagon said, “We have no information at this point in time to corroborate the press reports regarding allegations of a Russian missile strike on Polish territory.”

It seems that the missiles may have actually come from Ukraine and not Russia.

…key questions around the circumstances of the missile launch remained amid the confusion caused by a blistering series of Russian airstrikes across the nearby border in Ukraine, none larger than who fired it. Russia denied any involvement in the Poland blast.
Three U.S. officials said preliminary assessments suggested the missile was fired by Ukrainian forces at an incoming Russian one amid the crushing salvo against Ukraine’s electrical infrastructure Tuesday. The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the matter publicly.
Source: Associated Press

Here is President Biden actually answering a question about the missile:

Here is a report by Reuters that explains the entire situation:

Two Polish civilians in farm country are now tragically dead because of this missile, but the new talking point is that this isn’t Ukraine’s fault.

NATO Secretary Jens Stoltenberg says that the Ukrainian missile fired into Poland is really Russia’s fault for continuing its aggressive military action in Ukraine.

Newly-minted UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak parroted the same talking point.

This is true.

Just about everyone can agree that Russia invading Ukrainian territory was an act of aggression, but the war in Ukraine has been extended by Zelenskyy’s dogged refusal to negotiate with Russia after the initial invasion — even after Luhansk and Donetsk declared independence from Ukraine (which is a whole other issue) — and allies funneling billions upon billions of dollars as well as arms into Ukraine to keep the war hot.

But if you dare to criticize the hive of corruption that is Ukraine defending itself on your dime, you’re sIdInG wItH rUsSiA.

Can we just ask some important questions, though?

Even MSNBC’s guest, Richard Haas, President of the Council on Foreign Relations, said that a deliberate Russian attack didn’t make sense and Ukraine’s insistence that it was doesn’t make them look good.

Actually, saying all of that is probably not allowed. My bad for including it.

Nevertheless, we all need to continue to pray for an end to this ongoing war.

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