Kathy Griffin Banned From Twitter For Impersonating Elon Musk

Written by Wes Walker on November 7, 2022

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The crazy lady finally found a way to make us laugh. Unfortunately for her, it was at her own expense.

You’d think after years of taunting conservatives that Big Tech has terms and conditions that everyone else needs to follow, this would be an easy thing to understand.

She’s in Elon’s house now. She can play by his rules or GTFO.

Since Elon was pretty open about his disdain for bogus accounts and bots, it should surprise exactly nobody that he has little patience for people pawning off their accounts as if they were somebody else. In other words, chances are, the Twitter Terms Of Service banning impersonation was likely to be enforced.

One particularly annoying redhead played the ‘eff around and find out’ game.

She poached his name, and the avatar Musk is currently using. With the blue-check mark after the given name, someone casually scrolling through the timeline might mistake one of her blue-check posts for an authentic Elon Musk post.

After she ‘effed around’, making multiple bogus posts as ‘Elon Musk’, she promptly ‘found out’.

Elon explained what was going on:

There was a little more back-and-forth.

But ultimately, Musk owns the show over at Twitter. That means HE chooses which rules are enforced.

If she pays her $8, she can still trash-talk him all she wants. She just won’t get to pretend she’s someone she’s not while she does it. When you think about it, those terms are actually far more gracious than what the OLD cancel culture at Twitter looked like.

The memes in the replies to Elon’s joke on Griffin’s suspension were pure gold.

Kathy got a taste of her own medicine.

But it didn’t stop there. Griffin logged into her dead mother’s account just to yell at Elon.

Wait… isn’t that a violation of Twitter’s “Ban Evasion Policy”?

Why yes, it appears to be.

And she even admits it.

Good luck with getting that blue-check Twitter account back after all that, Kathy.

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