MEGA-VIRAL MEME: Someone Made An Amazing Video Of AOC & Musk … Then Elon Responded! (VIDEO)

Written by Wes Walker on November 25, 2022

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The enormous popularity and virality of funny stuff like this is why the left hates and fears the power of memes so much.

Don’t forget that their own hero, Saul Alinsky, advocated leveraging the subversive power of humor. Now that the LEFT find themselves in the position of defending their power from people who want to throw the bums out, humor is a dangerously effective weapon in the hands of an enemy.

After Elon Musk made AOC’s line about twitter critics being ‘obsessed’ with her ‘because they want to date her’ boomerang, badly…

…and both sides watched with amusement as she and Elon traded swipes in a flame war…

…one enterprising video editor out there built a clip of the two of them that looks like it came from one of those reality-TV dating shows like the Bachelor or something.

It was pitch-perfect. The awkward silences, little smiles, unfinished sentences. The eye movements were made even better by the soft acoustic guitar playing in the background.

It is fricken hilarious! How did Elon respond?

With an emoji, of course.

Naturally, everyone else weighed in, too.

We saw memes, laughter, and some die-hard AOC stans with very little sense of humor.

Let’s get the killjoys out of the way first:

Obligatory media fact-check of an obvious parody…? Present.

The dull-as-dishwater yass-queen brigade of AOC stans always ready to come to her defense? They’re here too.

An important life lesson…

Everyone else just showed up for the giggles…

We’ve got some real movie magic going on in memeland…

As well as some of the gloves-off mockery that used to make Twitter so much fun to play around in…

No wonder Big Tech hates Elon.

He just did what none of the angry leftists could ever do… he made social media a place where people actually WANT to be social.

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