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NBC’s Chuck Todd Accidentally Exposes Democrats’ Blatantly RACIST Views (VIDEO)

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The most incredible part of this clip is that Chuck Todd doesn’t even realize that what he said is horrendously bigoted.

The NBC Election Night panel was discussing how Latino voters came out in droves for Governor Ron DeSantis in Florida on Tuesday night.

Today Show co-anchor Savannah Guthrie begins the clip by commenting on the way that Latino voters voted for the GOP in unexpectedly large numbers.

“The Latino vote has been so interesting. We obviously have the results in from Florida, but Democrats cannot take the Latino vote for granted,” said Guthrie.

MSNBC News anchor José Díaz-Balart responds, “It’s interesting. You know, I’m convinced that there is no ‘Latino vote’ there are just Latino voters and they vote differently depending on their sensitivity, their life experience, even where their parents or grandparents are from.”

That’s a reasonable, sensible statement. But then, Diaz-Balart bizarrely goes on to discuss the massive opportunity Latino voters present to a political party… right after saying that they’re not one voting bloc.

He then talks about how Latino voting has an effect all over the country in various races and then reiterates that there is no “Latino vote.”

NBC News anchor Lester Holt then asks if Florida is now a solid Red State and not a swing state.

“It seems to me it’s a solid Republican state for now, but it’s more of a DeSantis state,” replies Diaz-Balart.

That’s when Chuck Todd jumps in and says the quiet part out loud.

“I had a Democratic consultant say to me, we’ve gotta stop putting Latinos in a box and trying to like, treat them as African Americans as if there is one issue that will somehow unite [them],” recounts Todd. He adds, “Latino voters are just what José said. Stop trying to single them out, instead, whatever your pitch at swing voters, pitch that to Latino voters. That demographics, and just like, the same thing how we carve up the white vote in those different buckets, that’s how you win the Latino vote it’s no different.”

Chuck Todd says this as though it’s a lightbulb moment that Latinos don’t just vote Democrat based on their identity the way that black voters do.

He has no idea how racist that is, does he?

It’s quite fascinating to watch these journos that seem to think that they’re our moral and intellectual superiours say that Latinos should be treated as individuals who have a variety of concerns while black voters all just care about the “one issue.”

Personally, I’d love to know what that “one issue” that Democrats use to get better than 80% of the African American vote actually is.

I suspect it’s something like Joe Biden’s 2012 statement to a crowd with a number of black voters that Mitt Romney’s GOP ticket “will put y’all back in chains” and his 2020 appeal, “If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black.”

What else could it be?

African American voters are not united on big issues like defunding police, abortion, or border security.

If it’s the kitchen table issues like the economy and inflation that they’re united on, then they’re backing the wrong horse — Democrat policies like continued reckless spending are only increasing inflation.

Tom Llamas points out on the “big board” that Latino voters supported Gov. Ron DeSantis in much larger numbers than they did in 2018… and it’s not just Cubans who tend to support the GOP.

Llamas said that “Florida Republicans are doing something right” including getting out and meeting the voters.

Imagine that.

When you go out and actually meet people instead of looking at them as a voting bloc on a spreadsheet, you realize that they’re more than just their ethnic heritage or the color of their skin and have a variety of views based on their life experiences as Diaz-Balart was saying.

Why don’t Democrats think that black voters who are also from diverse backgrounds — African Americans who descended from American slaves as well as immigrants from Africa, the Caribbean, and other parts of the world — are any different?

This is precisely the kind of thing that caused so many black voters to shift to the GOP in 2020.

Keep it up, Democrats.

Eventually, black voters will wake up to the way that Democrats continue to peddle dehumanizing racist tropes and take them for granted as a single voting bloc and leave the party of slavery, segregation, and the KKK forever.

That can’t happen soon enough.

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