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NO CHARGES: Giuliani FINALLY Exhonorated After Years-Long DOJ Witchhunt

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If the FBI cared as much about Hunter’s role as an undeclared foreign agent, the Biden family would now know firsthand whether a President has the power to pardon himself.

In case you wondered why there was such a push to take down Rudy Giuliani, it wasn’t because of his role in backing Trump over J6 — they already hated him LONG before then. It was because he was digging into the Ukraine story.

As soon as the Mueller Investigation came to a close, Trump was finally free to investigate the origins of the Steele Dossier, the ‘Black Ledger’, and other manufactured attacks against him without triggering obstruction of justice charges.

That included looking into the details about Joe Biden’s boasting about having threatened to withhold aid unless a prosecutor was fired. That story involved Hunter Biden and allegations of pay-for-play. He asked President Zelensky about it, and we all know how that played out.

Here are just a few stories related directly, or indirectly, to that investigation.

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Then came Biden’s retributive crackdown…
April 29, 2021 DOJ Raids Giuliani, Seizes Electronics — But Ignored This ONE Hard Drive (You can guess which one they ignored)

We are still no closer to having answers about allegations of pay-for-play surrounding Joe Biden’s boast, but one loose end of that story is finally tied up: Rudy Guliani is a free man.

Federal prosecutors have informed the court that the grand jury investigation into Rudy Giuliani has concluded and “that based on information currently available to the Government, criminal charges are not forthcoming.”
Giuliani, the former New York City mayor and personal attorney for Donald Trump, had been under investigation by Manhattan federal prosecutors for nearly two years. He was a key figure in the events that led to Trump’s first impeachment, accused of relying on Ukrainian officials and members of parliament to try to dig up dirt about Joe Biden as he ran for president.
Federal prosecutors had been investigating whether those dealings with figures in Ukraine in the run-up to the 2020 election required Giuliani to register as a foreign agent. After prosecutors said that the grand jury probe had ended with no charges coming, Giuliani’s lawyer declared it a “total victory,” saying they were pleased with the outcome and that “it does not come as a surprise to me.”
…Federal investigators seized sixteen of Giuliani’s electronic devices in April 2021 in part to see whether they contained any evidence showing efforts to oust U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch and whether he potentially violated the Foreign Agents Registration Act, requiring the disclosure of certain political activities or interests. Monday’s letter quietly ends the investigation that was revealed with much fanfare when federal agents were seen carting off computers and cellphones during the searches conducted at Giuliani’s Manhattan home and office.
— NBCNewYork

Democrats who had convinced themselves the Former President’s advisor would be on his way to prison will not be popping any corks, and they will have to cancel their celebratory parade.

The dropping of his charges still doesn’t satisfy some questions — like how the feds were granted access to the entirety of Guiliani’s cloud storage from some time in 2019, piercing not only the lawyer-client and Executive Privilege that was supposed to protect the interests of President Donald Trump, but also piercing the privilege protecting several of his other clients, including clients in criminal cases which could be fatally compromised by the DOJ gaining access to that information.

Nope. The Democrats don’t seem to have much regard for the kind of rights that protect citizens from government overreach. They only seem to care about the kind of rights that result in free stuff being given out by the government.

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