PA’s Gov-Elect Cracks Down Hard On An Election Fraudster

Written by Wes Walker on November 18, 2022

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Does the fact that he’s busted a Democrat trying to rig the primaries make Gov-Elect Shapiro an ‘election denier’? The new cancel-culture rules are so hard to keep up with.

Until he officially assumes his duties as Governor, he is still his state’s Attorney General. As such, he still oversees the prosecution of serious crimes.

Here is his statement on criminal charges being filed against a political consultant who was found to to be falsifying the process for nomination in the Democrat Primary race.

At minimum, this is evidence that Democrats understand that the system needs to be defended as sacrosanct. Any step in the process that gets rigged ultimatedly dilutes the actual will of the public.

Shapiro has demonstrated that there ARE some people actively trying to game (or ‘rig’) the system on a grand scale, specifically Democrats and he has dem

From his official presser:

Attorney General Josh Shapiro today announced the arrest of Rasheen Crews, a Philadelphia political consultant, for charges related to forging signatures on nomination petitions to get his clients on the ballot for the 2019 Democratic primary races in Philadelphia.
“In advance of the 2023 municipal elections, this arrest is an important reminder that interfering with the integrity of our elections is a serious crime,” said AG Shapiro. “By soliciting and organizing the wide scale forgery of signatures, the defendant undermined the democratic process and Philadelphians’ right to a free and fair election. My office is dedicated to upholding the integrity of the election process across the Commonwealth, to ensure everyone can participate in Pennsylvania’s future.”
An investigation by the Office of Attorney General found that in 2019, multiple candidates hired Crews to help them obtain the requisite amount of signatures needed for their nomination petitions for the Democratic primary races. Crews recruited individuals to help with the petition work, bringing them to a hotel room and asking them to write names, addresses, and forged signatures on multiple petitions. Crews then had these petitions notarized and filed with the Pennsylvania Department of State on behalf of his clients.
Of the petitions that were reviewed, over one thousand signatures were determined to be duplicated. Many names and addresses were found repeated on various petition pages, some pages appeared to be photocopied entirely, and some of the listed individuals claimed to have never signed the petitions in question.
Due to the questions around the petition signatures, some candidates chose to withdraw entirely from the election.
Crews was charged with Criminal Solicitation to Commit Forgery and Theft By Failure to Make Required Disposition. This matter is being prosecuted by Senior Deputy Attorney General Thomas Ost-Prisco. All charges discussed are accusations. The defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty.

With that, we have proof positive that if these Democrats find wrongdoing that dilutes votes they will be vigilant to defend the will of the people.

Scratch that. It’s almost true.

It’s proof that they care about meddling with Democrat votes.

If and when we see similar crackdowns on anyone who puts a thumb on the scale that would help a PA Democrat in a race against a Republican, we will know for sure that is real.

Until then… we can only speculate.

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