WATCH: Bro NAILS The Absolute Absurdity Of COVIDictators Calling For ‘Amnesty’

Written by K. Walker on November 2, 2022

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TikToker calls the request for COVID amnesty from the left “Toxic Forgiveness” — it’s the perfect term.

Dr. Emily Oster’s essay in The Atlantic calling for COVID “Amnesty” for the COVIDictators is backfiring spectacularly.

While the authoritarian COVID zealots want to get a pass for being horrible, horrible people who focused on a single, airborne respiratory virus for more than two-and-a-half years while stomping on individual liberty, they don’t seem to understand why some of us aren’t jumping at the opportunity to forgive and forget.

One TikToker named Ross posted a video to explain why some people are still holding a grudge against these psychos, and his illustration is perfect.

“Look, look, look, look! They want everyone to forget and forgive everything that happened during the pandemic. ‘We were all in the dark. We were all afraid,'” says Ross at the beginning of the video.

He then gives a perfect illustration of what the last 2.5 years of the pandemic have been like.

Spot on, my man!

Never forget what these monsters did under the guise of keeping people “safe” from a virus that has a survivability rate of over 99.97% for those aged 59 and under — and that was before the expensive mRNA “magic juice” that didn’t deliver as advertised.

They locked down schools, churches, and small businesses while big box stores and Amazon raked in record profits — this was a massive transfer of wealth from the have-nots to the haves. It was also a step toward tyranny and the widespread demonization of dissent.

They forced healthy people to quarantine, shut down gyms, parks, and beaches, and said that if you wanted your kids to continue to be in a classroom you really just wanted to “kill grandma.”

Families couldn’t gather for birthdays, weddings, holidays, or even funerals. People died in hospitals alone, the elderly were isolated, and depression and suicide were rampant.

Australia harkened back to its days as a prison colony and used drones to monitor its citizens and crush their freedoms.

And it’s not over yet. Some places haven’t ruled out locking down again, and masks and vaccine mandates can still be brought back.

They completely demonized the unvaccinated and anyone who questioned the efficacy of cloth masks.

Here is what these COVID psychos did to normal people…

…to families…

…to people trying to worship God…

…to young children…

…and to the elderly.

Early in the pandemic, as so many people around the world were forced to close their small businesses, kids were kept out of school, and the entire world shut down to protect the hospitals from becoming overwhelmed, doctors and nurses were making TikTok videos for social media clout.

So, that whole “let’s just forgive and forget” thing isn’t gonna work with many of the people that lost their jobs, have broken family relationships because of COVID, missed major life milestones, and are now facing unprecedented learning loss and in some cases, mental breakdowns with their kids — and it was all unnecessary.

No. We will not just “forgive and forget” — especially since there haven’t really been any apologies or admissions that they actually got things wrong while the critics they demonized were actually right.

It’s time for accountability.

These COVID ghouls want to just act like the dehumanization didn’t happen. No. They don’t get to do that. That just gives license for them to do it again.

The COVID Industrial Complex needs to be dismantled.

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