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WATCH: Democrats Caught Electioneering For Fetterman And Shapiro Right In Front Of Philly Polling Station

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Handing out campaign materials and telling people how to vote outside of a polling station is called electioneering and it’s illegal — but these guys were doing it anyway.

Undercover journalists for Project Veritas Action (PVA) were told to vote for John Fetterman for Senate and Josh Shapiro for Governor and handed instructions on how to vote for Democrat candidates just outside the door of a polling station in Philadelphia and it was all captured on video.

Project Veritas also includes screenshots of the rules against electioneering in Philadelphia County’s training guide for election board officials and highlights what the men are doing that is in violation.

The men illegally electioneering called themselves “committee members” who were handing out papers that read “Official Democratic City Committee Ballot” for the 2022 general election in Philadelphia County.

The polling station also had campaign materials for Democrats posted at the entrance of the building.

“This is a Democratic Party form,” says one man identified as Rudy Stewart by PVA. “Here’s the ballot.”

Later, Stewart points at the name of GOP Senate candidate Dr. Mehmet Oz posted to the wall and says, “I’m scared of him.” He then points to GOP Gubernatorial candidate Doug Mastriano and says, “We’re scared of him.”

“So don’t vote for them?” asks the PVA journalist.

“Yes,” replies Stewart, “These guys are scary.”

Stewart also says that Democrat candidates are “for the common man” and to vote for Republicans if you have a lot of money and want tax shelters.

At another point in the video, Stewart asks people walking into the polling station, “Anyone need Democratic Party information?” He then hands them campaign materials.

James Harrison, another self-identified “committee person” says, “I just help out whoever, the majority of the community supports.”

“So you’re telling me I should vote John Fetterman? I should vote Joshua Shapiro?” asks the PVA journalist.

“If you vote Democrat, all of them are the Democratics [sic]. They only got one against one,” responds Harrison.


The most stunning thing about this is that Stewart claims to be for more moderate candidates and says that Oz, who many in the GOP thought was too liberal, is “scary” to him while Fetterman, who is still having difficulty with language after a stroke and is further left than the self-described “Democratic-Socialist” Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont is the guy to vote for.


Electioneering is one of the things that the much-maligned Georgia voting law that Democrats called “Jim Crow 2.0” was addressing. The ban on handing out food and drinks at polling stations was to prevent political campaigns from wrapping campaign materials around them in an attempt to influence voters.

In Pennsylvania, blatant electioneering sans food or drink appears to have happened at one polling station.

Another video shows an Election Board Official advising voters to cast their ballots for Democrats.


It looks like Pennsylvania needs to take action against electioneering.

Maybe the state should consider implementing a law like Georgia that resulted in record turnout in this election.

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