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9 Clownshow Moments At The White House ‘Defense Of Marriage’ Bill Signing (VIDEO)

The rainbow virtue signaling was out of control on Tuesday afternoon.

President Biden made a big show of signing a bill into law that will undoubtedly be used to target people of faith who hold the sincere belief that marriage is a union between a man and a woman, just as it has been for almost all of human history.

The “Defense of Marriage” act is now law thanks in part to a dozen GOP squishes who caved to give the Democrats a publicity win with the Partisan Presstitutes that cheer it on.

The Daily Caller reports:

The “Respect for Marriage Act” does not force states to recognize same-sex marriage, but mandates the recognition of same-sex and interracial marriages across state lines. The federal government also has to give the same benefits, such as Social Security survivor benefits, to same-sex marriages.
The bill does not limit the definition of marriage to occurring between men and women, and states, “reasonable and sincere people” hold diverse beliefs on gender in marriage “based on decent and honorable religious or philosophical premises.”

The protections for religious liberty are weak and amendments to strengthen them failed, thanks to the GOP squishes.

But let’s not forget that even Joe Biden had a very different opinion about what defines “marriage” just a few years ago.

Here is then-Senator Joe Biden in 2006:

The “devout Catholic” has clearly evolved on the definition of marriage since then.

The event was a parade of absurdity and even had its own clowns — some dressed as caricatures of women, and one dressed as the Leader of the Free World sporting aviators.

1. Evolving Joe

So… Joe thinks that marriage is about picking a partner and remaining faithful?

Well, that’s awkward…

2. Protecting Marriage Now Includes… Trans-ing the kids?

Biden also took the opportunity to push the Orwellian-named “gender-affirming care” for minors that will make them permanent medical consumers. If you oppose sterilization and genital mutilation of children because of a neo-Gnostic belief that their essence is real and their body is not, well, then you’re a bigot.

3. Womanface

Pervert men dressed as ugly prostitutes who seem to really like to twerk in front of children for some unknown reason were invited because it’s not really an LGBTQLMNOP event without drag queens. You wouldn’t want to anger the autogynephilia trans lobby… those dudes in dresses can get very violent.

You might remember “Brita Filter” from this performance.

There’s more, but decency prevents me from posting the entire thread. You can get the picture from the two tweets.

4. Only Bigots Oppose This Type Of “Progress”

During his speech, Biden made it clear that only bad, racist people oppose the secular ideological colonialization pushed by the Alphabet people.

5. The Ongoing High-Tech Lynching Of An Uppity Black Man Who Deigns To Think For Himself

President Biden stepped right back in time to 1991 when he was leading the charge on the disgusting, smarmy attacks on Clarance Thomas who was Bush 41’s SCOTUS nominee.

In an absurd statement, Biden continues to target conservative Justice Thomas in particular by misrepresenting his opinion on Dobbs.

Biden says that the “extremist” conservative-leaning Supreme Court will roll back rights instead of finding solid, legal backing for them instead of the way that an activist Court did with Roe in 1973 when they suddenly discovered the right to abortion while digging through “penumbras and emanations” in the Constitution.

What Biden doesn’t say is that no other conservative Justice had the chutzpah to sign onto Thomas’s concurring opinion.

Obligatory relevant Clarence Thomas clips:

Thomas’s savage comments on Joe Biden:

6. Joe Can’t Read

The teleprompter is still undefeated against Joe Biden.

7. Nancy’s “Please Clap” Moment

If a Democrat mentions the open-air toilet that is San Francisco, you’re obligated to applaud.

8. Cyndi Lauper

Cyndi Lauper — who turns 70 next June — took time away from shilling the psoriasis medication, COSENTYX to *ahem* perform(?) her 1986 hit song “True Colors.”

Lauper was then trotted out (for about a minute) in front of the press to “bless” President Biden and Vice President Harris for… *checks notes*… “validating” families.

[Full disclosure: The author was a huge Cyndi Lauper fan from the age of 7 until her early teens when Lauper basically faded into obscurity. The author would like to stress that she was a minor child at the time. It’s a good reminder that children have a very limited grasp of the world and their brains are not fully developed.]

9. It’s Now The “Rainbow House”

The White House was lit up with the rainbow yet again.

This is all an absurdity.

Tucker Carlson covered the degradation of the U.S. by the White House on his show on Tuesday evening.

As much as the Left insists it to be a case, the rainbow flag doesn’t symbolize America, it is a symbol that was appropriated by theophobic ideological colonialists who want to push a particular agenda that goes far beyond “tolerance” and letting consenting adults do what they want in the privacy of their own bedrooms — you must agree with their premises and promote them or you’re considered a bigot.

Of course, there is room for debate on this position.

You have a problem with adult men parading around half-nekked in leather dog masks and wearing leashes? You’re homophobic.

Not a fan of adult men dressed as insulting caricatures of women dancing like strippers while children hand them dollar bills? You’re a transphobe.

Don’t like ring-toss games made of sex toys at a “family-friendly” rainbow event? You’re a bigot.

Do you think it’s wrong that Kirk Cameron isn’t allowed to read his faith-based books in public libraries and Drag Queens reading books about “swishing their hips” to toddlers isn’t a “blessing of liberty”? You’re probably some sort of Christian nationalist.

Attend a school board meeting angry that your teenage daughter was raped by a “boy in a skirt” in the high school bathroom and it was covered up by the entire public education establishment? The Department of Justice will label you a “domestic terrorist” and use the PATRIOT ACT to investigate you.

The problem is that you have to accept all of the ideology — even if it’s incompatible with itself like gayness and transness.

The extremists in the Alphabet Lobby are now pushing for the genital mutilation and sterilization of minors and this administration not only approves of it, they think it’s wrong to adopt a “wait-and-see” approach that was extremely successful until 5 minutes ago.

The insanity needs to end.

We need some strong men and women to stand up to it.

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