Afghan Soldier Abandoned By Biden Regime Arrested At U.S. Border Faces Criminal Charges, Deportation

Written by K. Walker on December 16, 2022

If this isn’t an indication that the immigration system is broken, then nothing is.

Since Biden took office, millions of people have crossed illegally into the country at the southern border, but THIS is the guy that’s the problem?!

Thousands of illegal migrants cross the U.S./Mexico border on a daily basis and are given a case number and travel within the U.S. courtesy of the Biden administration.

These are economic migrants that are abusing the asylum provisions in immigration law. They should be deported, and many are, but by the time the clogged up immigration courts hear the cases, they’ve already “made a life for themselves” in the U.S. and it would be heartless to make them leave.

Let’s not forget that some of these “asylum seekers” are known criminals that have been kicked out of the country multiple times — gang members, drug dealers, rapists, murderers, and human traffickers.

But the guy that was trained by the U.S. military to defend his homeland against Islamic extremists and is now seeking asylum after being abandoned there by the Biden regime? Well, that guy needs to be criminally charged and then sent back into the hands of the Taliban according to the unjust and imbalanced immigration system.

Just 3 months after Abdul Wasi Safi, 26, joined Afghanistan’s Special Forces working alongside U.S. troops, the Taliban took control of the country and the Biden administration abruptly pulled the military out leaving behind millions in equipment and cash while abandoning Americans and allies to face persecution by the extremist regime now in power. Abdul Wasi Safi — his family calls him Wasi — was in the northern part of Afghanistan when the last evacuation plane left for a safe haven.

Safi’s brother, Sami-ullah Safi, 29, had worked with the U.S. military for years as an interpreter for the Afghan Special Forces, traveling regularly between the U.S. and Afghanistan. In 2015, Sami moved to Houston because he had been given one of the more than 34,000 special visas issued to Afghans that qualified. In July 2021, Sami became a U.S. citizen.

Unfortunately, Wasi doesn’t qualify for the special visa that his older brother received.

Earlier this week, the Fox News affiliate in Dallas-Fort Worth reports:

…[T]housands like Wasi, 26, who had helped U.S. forces — but were not paid by the U.S. government — were left behind with few options to escape. With a Taliban target on their backs, many went into hiding as reports of revenge killings grew.
When it was clear Wasi could not get a visa, he went into hiding with his parents and eight other siblings before setting out on a harrowing journey halfway around the world that led to a jail cell more than 12,000 miles from his home…
…As the threat of a Taliban takeover grew, Wasi said his commanding officer at Camp Mazar-al-Sharif told their unit they had a choice: Stay in Afghanistan and prepare to fight with local militia groups against the Taliban or flee on the last military flight to the U.S.

In desperation and left with few other options, Wasi made the decision to get into the United States the same way that thousands of others are able to do on a daily basis — cross the Southern border and seek asylum when he arrived.

But instead of the catch-and-release that Wasi’s 90 or so fellow travelers received, he was detained and is facing criminal charges for unlawful entry.

When he couldn’t get on that final flight, Wasi fled the country. Over the next year, he would cross two continents by plane, bus, car and taxi and walk countless miles, including a seven-day trek through Panama’s treacherous Darién Gap with a group of other migrants to reach the U.S.-Mexico border two months ago. Then he crossed the Rio Grande and was quickly charged with a federal crime for illegally entering the country.

Fox News spoke to Sami about his brother’s ongoing ordeal.

[Sami] has been trying to help his brother make his way to the U.S. since the Taliban took over Afghanistan. He said he is shocked what his brother went through to get to Texas and his treatment ever since.
“People were in the river dead. On the way walking, multiple people died. And, in the jungle, he explained that there was type of people that would sometimes rob and mostly kill people. And he survived it,” Sami said in disbelief. He worked with U.S. veterans groups to pay for Wasi’s journey and arrange his visa to Brazil.
“Instead of him being welcomed in Brazil by locals and people that were living in the area, which was designated for the Afghans, they started to treat Afghans as terrorists. And he was robbed and beaten by mobs in Brazil,” Sami said. “He will never be able to forget the torture that was given to him by the Panamanian police. They strip his clothes. They beat him to the point that they could no longer beat him.”
On Sept. 30, Wasi finally crossed over the Rio Grande into the United States, where he thought he would be greeted with open arms by the American government and the special forces he served alongside. He assumed they knew who he was…
…Sami explained why they both feel disappointed in the U.S. government and the U.S. military Wasi served.
“He is deeply disappointed. And he is calling upon those who were always telling him, ‘We’re fighting against common enemy. We are fighting shoulder to shoulder.’ He is calling upon those who were calling him ‘battle buddy,’” Sami said. “He was not expecting this behavior from United States officials against him. He was expecting a hero’s welcome.”
Source: Fox News

Fox News Special report covered Wasi’s story on Thursday evening:

The entire immigration system is broken. Illegal migrants normally get preferential treatment… unless the regime has a bias against a particular group.

Do you remember how Mayorkas told Cubans and Haitians not to come amid political turmoil but didn’t tell that to economic migrants from Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador?

ClashDaily remembers:

Biden’s DHS Secretary Tells Cubans And Haitians Fleeing Turmoil ‘Do Not Come To The U.S.’ (VIDEO)

In March of this year, CNN reported that the Department of Homeland Security issued a memo singling out Ukrainian asylum-seekers for legal entry into the U.S. despite Title 42 restrictions that were in place.

Groups of Ukrainian families at the US-Mexico border are getting the chance to do something most asylum-seeking migrants haven’t been allowed to do for years: cross legally into the United States.
A memo obtained by CNN instructs officers at the border to consider exempting Ukrainians on a case-by-case basis from the public health restrictions the US has used to block migrants from entering the country since the early days of the pandemic.
It’s significant that only Ukrainians were singled out in the recent Department of Homeland Security memo.

The move drew backlash from immigrant rights advocates who say that the special treatment exposes the way that the U.S. immigration system has been politicized.

They’ve got a point — it’s not just Ukraine that is embroiled in conflict right now.

One could argue that it’s far more dangerous for a former Special Forces soldier who worked with U.S. troops to stay in Afghanistan than an average Ukrainian family in Kyiv.

Besides, who could disagree with the asylum claim of an Afghan soldier who was trained by the U.S. military and can be identified with biomentric data stored with the U.S. military? The Biden regime, apparently.

“I did everything I could to the best of my ability for this country. My brother put his life in danger, working in a special forces, which was not accepted by a lot of people in Afghanistan. And I worked alongside the United States military, and I was not expecting this to happen to my brother,” Sami said from his home in Houston, five hours from where his brother remains incarcerated in a U.S. detention facility with the country’s worst criminals.
Source: Fox News

It makes you wonder why Wasi is the one guy that this administration is going after when the other people that traveled with him were all released.

Maybe the Biden administration doesn’t want reminders of the unfathomable failure in Afghanistan — even if it means sending an ally into the hands of the Taliban.

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