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‘All Ages’ Christmas Drag Show Attended By CHILDREN Filled With Raunchy Content (VIDEO)


Drag queens performing at a highly-sexualized Christmas show were captured on video performing in all their womanface glory. Some chatted with children in the audience.

The NSFW show features alumni from RuPaul’s Drag Race and has been touring for two months and will continue until the end of December. The host of the show, Nina West, has been featured on both Nickelodeon and Disney+.

Independent journalist, Taylor Hansen, captured a number of photographs and video from the event in Austin, Texas on Wednesday.

“This is a national tour with 36 shows in 18 different states, including DC,” Hansen reported in a tweet.

His photos and video reveal that this clearly wasn’t an event that children should attend.

Hanson has covered several so-called “all ages” drag shows and said that this show was the “most sexual and inappropriate family-friendly drag show I have ever attended. From simulating sex, talking dirty to the crowd, sexualizing children’s stories, and much more.”

One video, in particular, shows just how inappropriate this show was — a drag queen wearing large fake breasts with exposed nipples asks a child in the audience, “Are you reaching for my titties? Are you hungry?”

The man caricaturing a woman then makes sexualized jokes, gets “spanked” by someone handing him money like he’s a stripper, and twerks for the audience.

Some reports and social media users are claiming that the show is geared toward adults — which the NSFW content shows it clearly is. But then why does the information on the show say “all ages welcome”?

The Daily Mail reported on Thursday that armed protesters showed up outside the show in San Antonio, Texas on Tuesday and incorrectly stated in their report that the event was not billed as “all ages” which it clearly was. Repeatedly.

Armed protesters gathered outside a theatre in Texas on Tuesday to protest a Christmas themed drag show that they claimed was ‘grooming kids’ and should be restricted to ages 18 and over.
The group from This Is Texas Freedom Force (TITFF) led the demonstration that protested the show called ‘A Drag Queen Christmas’ at the Aztec Theatre in San Antonio, Texas.
The touring show features alumni from RuPaul’s Drag Race and has been on the road for two months in the lead up to Christmas. The show does not claim to be for children, nor an all-ages performance, despite the TITFF claims.

Hansen’s thread below doesn’t include all of the videos and that’s probably a good thing, but you can head over to Twitter if you desperately need to see more videos of a gay burlesque show.

Some Twitter users were posting various screenshots of the details of the show highlighting the portion that has the adult content warning… but failing to acknowledge that the description also says that it’s an “all ages” event.

One screenshot doesn’t say “all ages” but does have a mild parental advisory.

The thing is, even when the performers realized that children were present, they made no effort to dial back some of the sexualized performances. Granted, it would be difficult with the video and choreography, but not even the improvised banter was toned down. it’s like they didn’t realize that some things are not appropriate when children are present. This is precisely the criticism of the “all ages”/”family-friendly” drag events.

Will Nickelodeon and Disney+ disavow this grotesque show that children attended and distance themselves from Nina West?

YouTuber Blaire White pointed out that RuPaul’s Drag Race airs on VH1 and they should be forced to disavow this show and these performers just as Disney and Nickelodeon should.


But… don’t call men who dress up as caricatures of women and gyrate in front of children for dollar bills “groomers” — that’s bad.



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