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Amid Fears Of 14K Migrant Crossings Per Day, Biden Admin’s ‘Humane’ Border Policy May BAN Asylum Seekers

Maybe they should’ve just secured the border in the first place.

For two years, we have repeatedly been told that the crisis at the border isn’t a crisis, surges are not surges, that allowing people to pay cartels to help them skirt U.S. immigration laws is “humane” and that Border Czar Harris didn’t need to actually go to the Southern Border because she did need to go to Central and South America to search for the “root causes” of migration.

Hey, Kamala… The root cause is that this administration isn’t really enforcing immigration law against people fraudulently claiming asylum.

So, where are we now?

Record waves of migrants crossing monthly and more waiting at the border until Title 42 lapses on December 21, and they can flood in without any real concern that they’ll be sent back.

Axios reports that the expectation is that the surge in illegal border crossings could hit as high as 14,000 migrants per day.

Stalwart Fox News border correspondent Bill Melugin reports from the border:

The Biden administration is considering a new rule that would ban asylum seekers from entering the country for 5 months — even if they crossed at a legal point of entry if they lacked proper authorization to enter.

Axios reports the draft rule:

  • It would apply to both migrant single adults and families who cross the border illegally — as well as those who arrive at legal ports of entry without already having proper authorization to enter.
  • A final decision on adopting the new rule hasn’t been made.
    A White House spokesperson referred Axios to a recent tweet by press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre that emphasized “no such decisions have been made” regarding policy changes.
  •  “The Administration is committed to continuing to secure our borders while maintaining safe, orderly and humane processing of migrants. This will remain the case when Title 42 is lifted,” Jean-Pierre said.

“The consideration of a drastic move such as automatically rejecting people from asylum — similar to efforts under the Trump administration — is a sign of just how concerned top Biden officials are about the situation at the U.S.-Mexico border,” states Axios.

That’s got to really stick in their craw — the situation is so bad that the Biden admin has to use those allegedly “inhumane” Trump-era policies.

The horror!

The New York Post reports:

No final decision has been made on whether to implement the rule, which would drastically limit a migrant’s ability to apply for asylum in the US, the sources added.
Under the draft rule, migrants would be deemed ineligible for asylum in the US unless they applied for a legal pathway into the US, sought protection in another country en route to the US, or are facing extreme circumstances.
The White House wouldn’t comment on the possible policy change, instead pointing to a Dec. 2 statement from press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre that said “no such decisions have been made.”

The NY Post reports, “A record 2.4 million migrants were stopped at the US-Mexico border in the fiscal year that ended Sept. 30 — a 37% surge from a year earlier, according to the latest Border Patrol data.”

That is more than the entire population of the fourth largest city in the U.S. — Houston, Texas, which has approximately 2.28 million residents.

That’s peanuts to what is coming.

If migrant crossings hit 14,000/day, that’s 5.1 million migrants in just one year.

If 2.4 million is unsustainable, certainly 5.1 million is unsustainable — and that doesn’t even include the got-aways.

And it’s not just that people are violating immigration law, it’s all the other stuff that goes with it, like human trafficking, illicit drugs like fentanyl, gun smuggling, and God alone knows what else.

It’s not “humane” to let that continue no matter what the talking heads in the Biden admin say.

Besides, all they do is lie.

They won’t admit that there’s a crisis at all.

But Biden’s doing a bang-up job, isn’t he?

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