69% Of Democrats AGREE With Kari Lake That The ‘Botched’ Arizona Election Disenfranchised Voters

Written by K. Walker on December 2, 2022

A recent poll shows that most voters nationwide agree with GOP concerns that the “sacred right to vote” was compromised in the 2022 midterm election in Arizona.

Rasmussen surveyed 750 likely voters between November 27-28, 2022, and found that 71 percent of respondents believe that the election day problems in Maricopa County affected the result of the 2022 Senate race — with 40 percent saying it’s “very likely.”

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that 71% of Likely U.S. voters believe it’s likely – including 40% who say it’s Very Likely – that problems with the election in Maricopa County affected the outcome of the Senate election in Arizona. Twenty-three percent (23%) don’t think the problems affected the Senate election, in which Democratic Sen. Mark Kelly defeated GOP challenger Blake Masters by a 51%-47% margin.
The gubernatorial race in Arizona was even closer, with Democrat Katie Hobbs edging Republican Kari Lake by a margin of less than 20,000 votes. After reports of Election Day problems with vote tabulation in Maricopa County, Lake called the election “botched” and declared: “This isn’t about Republicans or Democrats. This is about our sacred right to vote, a right that many voters were, sadly, deprived of on November 8th.” Seventy-two percent (72%) of Likely Voters agree with Lake’s statement, including 45% who Strongly Agree. Eighteen percent (18%) disagree, including 13% who Strongly Disagree, while another 10% are not sure.
Source: Rasmussen Reports

The poll focused on the Arizona Senate race between Democrat Mark Kelly and one of the “new right” populist Republicans, Blake Masters.

Rasmussen Reports tweeted out a link to the poll results.

A majority (52%) of Republicans believe it’s Very Likely the Maricopa County problems affected the Senate election outcome in Arizona, an opinion shared by 23% of Democrats and 45% of voters not affiliated with either major party.
Sixty percent (60%) of Republicans, 35% of Democrats and 41% of unaffiliated voters Strongly Agree with Kari Lake’s statement about many Arizona voters being deprived of their “sacred right to vote.”..
…Sixty-eight percent (68%) of whites, 73% of black voters and 80% of other minorities believe it is at least somewhat likely that problems in Maricopa County affected the outcome of Arizona’s Senate election. Black voters (37%) are less likely than whites (44%) or other minorities (48%) to Strongly Agree with Lake’s quote about the “sacred right to vote.”
Source: Rasmussen Reports

Rasmussen states that the margin of sampling error is +/- 3.6 percentage points with a 95% level of confidence.

Rasmussen lead pollster Mark Mitchell appeared on Real America’s Voice to discuss the poll results and noted that Kari Lake’s framing of the problems in Arizona as an affront to the “sacred right to vote” and not about Republicans or Democrats. Her message of voter disenfranchisement may be breaking through to Democrats. Interesting.

“We have 69 percent of Democrats, 35 percent strongly agreeing with Kari Lake, that voters in Arizona were denied their sacred right to vote,” said Mitchell.

The Rasmussen Reports Twitter account followed up with a link to the poll results.

It’s not hard to see why. Videos of long lines in red districts and problems with tabulators rejecting ballots were being shared widely.


It looks like the vast majority of Americans agree that elections should be secure and that disenfranchisement is a problem.


At least we can all agree on those things.

Now let’s see if we can come together and find a way to fix it so all Americans can trust election results.

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