BOOM: DeSantis Just Gave Woke Hedgefund Activists At BlackRock The ‘Disney’ Treatment

Written by Wes Walker on December 1, 2022

You know that reputation Florida is getting for being a Citadel of Freedom? It has something to do with a Governor committed to putting the interests of the Citizens ahead of the interests of the activists.

What’s that? A representative government that actually represents the people who elected you? It’s such a crazy idea that it just might catch on!

We’ve already seen Disney’s not-so-new replacement CEO admitting that going to war with DeSantis in opposition to laws that would prevent the sexualizing of kids young enough to still have most of their baby teeth.

Parents denounced groomers wanting to sexualize young children. Disney backed the groomers against the parents under the guise of a bogus ‘don’t say gay’ narrative. Disney lost. (And we’re STILL mocking them in our store.)

But since radicals never take a day off in their quest to subvert a traditional way of life and ‘fundamentally transform’ it according to their revolutionary vision… the battle to subvert America continued full steam ahead. This is where BlackRock enters the story.

BlackRock is an enormous hedge fund that has figured out a sinister new way to leverage ‘other people’s money’.

When you have assets under management measured in trillions of dollars, you have a lot of influence. When those assets under management include the voting shares of corporations — you suddenly have the ability to use the voting power purchased with unwitting investor money to push an anti-capitalist agenda.

It’s bond-villain-ish in its elegant malevolence, really. Here’s a story we ran about BlackRock doing exactly that, back in March. BlackRock CEO Speaks Openly About Corporations ‘Forcing Behaviors’ Of Ordinary People

Various watchdogs pointed out BlackRock’s cozy relationship with China and its ‘woke’ activist push of what’s been dubbed ‘ESG (Environmental, social and governance) investing’

Clearly, DeSantis caught wind of BlackRock’s agenda and was having none of it.

Florida’s Chief Financial Officer said on Thursday his department would pull $2 billion worth of its assets managed by BlackRock Inc (BLK.N), the biggest such divestment by a state opposed to the asset manager’s environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) policies.
…Republicans are set to assume control of the U.S. House of Representatives in January. This will allow them to hold hearings on ESG and grill the chief executives of BlackRock and other major assets managers about their ESG policies, and also pressure regulators to scrutinize them.
In a statement, Florida CFO Jimmy Patronis said the state’s Treasury, which he oversees, would remove BlackRock as manager of about $600 million of short-term investments and have its custodian freeze $1.43 billion of long-term securities now with BlackRock, with an eye on reallocating the money to other money managers by the start of 2023.
— Reuters

If there was any doubt as to whether Florida was still a purple state or if it was now solidly Freedom-cheering, Flag-waving, Patriotic Red — wonder no longer.

That might explain the growing buzz about DeSantis as a bright spot as a future star of the Republican party — depending on who you ask — either in the coming Presidential cycle or the next one.

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