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WATCH: Martha McCallum GRILLS John Kirby On Why The WH Is Treating Apple One Way And Twitter Another

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If they’re both “private companies” why is the Biden admin suddenly choosing to monitor Twitter’s connections to foreign governments while giving Apple a pass for helping the CCP crackdown on protests?

In the last few days, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre has made it clear that the administration is “monitoring” Twitter’s actions but won’t say if the Regime will move to shut down the platform if it does something that the White House doesn’t like.

The Biden administration has been pretty clear that they’re not thrilled with Elon Musk taking over Twitter and his commitment to restoring free speech on the platform.

Musk must’ve upset the White House when he started purging the company of the censorious purple-haired wokescolds that were nuking accounts for minor infractions while allowing child porn to run rampant.

How strange…

On Wednesday, Martha McCallum grilled Ret. Adm. John Kirby, the National Security Council (NSC) coordinator for strategic communications about the White House’s seemingly disparate stance toward two Big Tech companies, Apple and Twitter, despite both being private companies.

The White House has said that it’s going to “keep a close eye” on Elon Musk’s revamp of Twitter but has been strangely silent about Apple helping the Chinese Communist government quell recent anti-lockdown and anti-government protests.

McCallum begins the segment by asking about Apple restricting the AirDrop feature from iPhones in China in order to prevent anti-lockdown protesters from communicating with each other.

“What does the White House — what do you say to Apple about helping the Chinese government to keep their people under control?” asked McCallum.

“Look, in general — and we’ve been clear about this all around the world — we want the individual citizens, no matter what government they live under, [to] be able to communicate freely and openly, transparently and reliably,” said Kirby. “We’ve made that clear with respect to Iran, and we certainly continue to make that clear with respect to China.”

“Have you made it clear to Apple?” interrupts McCallum.

“Apple is a private company. They have to make decisions, and they have to speak for those decisions. But here at the White House, here in the administration, we want to see that individual citizens — whether they’re protesting or not — are able to communicate freely and openly,” replied Kirby.

“But why not say something to Apple?” McCallum pushes back. “We were told by the White House just the other day that it was ‘keeping an eye’ on Elon Musk and Twitter, so why would you say that from the podium? You didn’t say it, but Karine Jean-Pierre said it, — and not call Apple out for helping the Chinese government to suppress their own people’s ability to communicate?”

“Again, I think we’ve been very clear and consistent on this,” said Kirby waxing on about how the administration is committed to the right of people to protest everywhere in the world.

The Biden admin may have been behind Blackface Hitler’s heavy-handed actions to end the Great Canadian Bouncy Castle Rebellion of 2022 opposing mandatory COVID vaccinations and the Trudeau government’s infringements on Charter Rights.

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Kirby then goes on to tell McCallum that the issues are completely different. He says that with Twitter it’s about “potential foreign investment and involvement in the management of Twitter” but it’s just a “business decision by Apple on how one of their applications is being utilized.”

“Certainly they [Apple] are getting influenced by a foreign government and that government is China,” McCallum pushed back. “They’ve changed policies specifically for China when it comes to what they’ve put on their phones. I mean, that seems like something that the White House ought to be able to ‘keep an eye on.'”

McCallum grills Kirby on the national security threat that China poses and asks why the White House is choosing to “keep an eye” on Musk’s commitment to free speech on Twitter while taking a hands-off approach to Apple helping the CCP silence dissent.

She then asks about Musk’s claim that Twitter interfered in elections. As Kirby tried to deflect, McCallum goes in for the coup de grâce… why is the White House so quiet about it after Biden has been very passionate about “threats to democracy” and “freedom in our elections”?

It’s a glorious six minutes of John Kirby making an absolute ass of himself facing McCallum’s pointed questions.

How strange for Kirby to try to defend the Regime’s decision to keep quiet after being so adamant about the White House’s commitment to allow protesters to “speak for themselves” while avoiding the question about what the protesters were saying.

Apple’s decision to remove the AirDrop feature in China was a calculated decision because they know they can’t produce their products without access to Chinese electronics and raw materials.

Vivek Ramaswamy explains why Apple consistently caves to the CCP — they’re dependent on China.

Twitter doesn’t really have that problem.

From an outsider’s cynical perspective, it appears that the White House is upset that they’ve lost the ability to exert pressure on Twitter to push out their talking points and silence dissent since Musk isn’t their ideological ally.

There’s a war going on about who gets to speak and who is silenced — but only one side is pro-censorship.

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