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Canada’s Chief Medical Officer Of Health Posts Cringe-Inducing Public Health Video Aimed At Children

Please, public health officials… just stop.

Trust in public health officials has eroded significantly in the past few years and this sort of thing isn’t helping.

A video posted by Canada’s Chief Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Theresa Tam, has gone viral and is receiving a lot of criticism for a poorly-executed video message aimed at young children.

The video, which currently has over 550K views, was of Tam making her annual call to the North Pole to check on Santa’s health. In the abysmally low-effort skit, Tam didn’t reach Santa himself — he was busy with something called snow yoga, apparently — but spoke to Mrs. Claus who made sure to push the public health talking points.

They spoke about how to keep the holidays “safe” and Mrs. Claus reassured the kids that although viruses are spreading, both she and Santa were “up to date” on all their vaccinations including COVID boosters and flu shots.

Then Mrs. Claus read out her nag reminder list she made for Santa:

1. Stay up to date on vaccinations.
2. Wear a mask in crowded, indoor spaces — and make sure it fits nice and snug!
3. Wash your hands to the tune of “Jingle Bells”

Tam approves of the advice and adds that people should stay home if they’re feeling sick, and open the windows if gathering indoors.

She does realize that like the United States, some parts of Canada are already being hit with a pre-Christmas winter storm with obscenely low temperatures while the cost of heating fuel is rising and the push for “green” energy is putting a strain on electricity grids, right?

She’s urging kids to get boosters of a “vaccine” that doesn’t stop transmission and because of the risk of myocarditis may actually be more harmful than COVID itself.

And masks? They’re really pushing that like it’s still a thing?

The message apparently is, “It’s fine if you freeze to death or have heart problems — just don’t get a mild respiratory virus!”

It’s not just the message and lying to the kids that’s a problem — Tam has the personality of a sea cucumber with a likability rating somewhere between Kamala Harris and Hillary Clinton, and the actor that joined her in this propaganda farce is just awful.


Dr. Theresa Tam gives the Prevaricating Authoritarian Smurf a run for his money when it comes to what she thinks public health should be able to do during a pandemic.

Lying to kids using Santa to push public health messaging is nothing new.

Last week, Dr. Fauci was on CNN telling a 6-year-old boy that he personally flew to the North Pole and personally administered Santa’s COVID booster. Would that make Santa the first patient that Dr. Fauci has ever treated? Perhaps.

Of course, Fauci effortlessly lying to a child about giving Santa his booster was fodder for mockery.

A trio of doctors critical of the COVID response posted an impromptu unscripted video skit of Santa (Dr. Robert Malone) suffering from myocarditis after the booster.

MilkBarTV spliced in video clips from Tim Allen’s “The Santa Claus”, along with a voiceover from Dr. Peter McCullough talking about myocarditis, and a clip of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis appearing on “The Ingraham Angle.”

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