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Governor Considers Scrapping Election, Holding New One After Massive SNAFUs


If Florida could go from being a poster-child for ballot nightmares to a well-oiled machine that has reliable results in real time, maybe other states should start following their lead.

Arizona gets a lot of attention for election day incompetence. They have earned every bit of that attention. (And, technically Kari Lake still hasn’t exhausted her appeals.) And that’s just one of the hotly-contested battleground states where big electoral machines work the refs … and then some.

This time, a big problem was discovered in a stated people do NOT consider a ‘battleground state’. The great state of Texas.

Here’s what Gov Abbott tweeted about it:

New elections? Altered outcome? Here’s what he is talking about.

Elections in Harris County were anything but smooth.

An analysis of equipment and voter turnout records conducted by local news outlet KHOU 11 found that 121 voting centers lacked sufficient ballot paper needed to cover voter turnout—more than double the number of centers that Harris County estimated to be affected. The county had previously said 46 to 68 centers ran out of their allotted ballot paper. –Newsweek.

Why does this matter?

We could get into the weeds about the arguments and counter-arguments. But there’s an easier way to show what the controversy is about.

Look at any of the races as reported by Houston Public Media. Here’s one from that page that illustrates our point.

It shows two bars, with each bar broken into three colors.

The Democrat will have won this particular election. But the breakdown matters.
Look at the lead the Democrat (top) would have held going into election day.

Love it or hate it, a large percentage of Democrat voters have adopted a pattern of voting early or by mail, whereas a large percentage or Republican voters have more traditional ideas about voting on election day.

If a voting machine fails to operate on election day, or if there are insufficient ballots, someone who has already voted won’t care. But someone who is still trying to cast their vote could be disenfranchised.

If enough people with similar voting patterns are disenfranchised at the same time… that can flip an election. In fact, that is precisely the line of argument Kari Lake is raising while appealing the decision concerning her election.

That takes us back to Abbott’s decision.

Revisit the last election, or accept it and just focus on future remedies.

Tough call. How would you handle it?

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