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Trump Lays Out His ‘Agenda 47’ Plan For What He’ll Do If Re-elected In 2024 (VIDEO)

Now that others are throwing their names in contention, Trump is talking policy.

To restore law & order:
1) – Investment in hiring, retention, and training for police officers around the country
– Will include liability protections for officers doing their jobs

2) That funding will be conditional on local municipalities returning to commonsense law enforcement measures including: stop and frisk, strictly enforcing existing gun laws against convicted felons, cracking down on the open use of illegal drugs, and cooperating with ICE to get criminal aliens off our streets and out of our country.

3) We will go after the radical marxist prosecutors who are abolishing cash bail, refusing to charge crimes and surrendering our cities to violent ciminals.
a) I will direct the DOJ to open civil rights investigations into radical left prosecutor’s offices, like Chicago, LA, and San Francisco, to determine if there has been unlawful race-based enforcement of the law.
b) Citizens will be given the ability to sue local officials for harm and suffering caused by those officials. Examples given: stores suffering from unpunished shoplifting and citizens attacked by a violent felon released without bail.

4) Prioritize the dismantling of street gangs throughout America.
– Death penalty for drug dealers
– Death penalty for human smugglers

5) In cities devolving into lawlessness, he will not hesitate to use Federal resources until safety is restored. If Nancy Pelosi had accepted his offer of National Guard, Jan 6 would never have happened.

6) We will end the leftist takeover of school discipline and juvenile justice. He will order DOJ and Education to overhaul national standards on disciplining minors.

7) Protect the right to self-defense everywhere it is under seige, and sign concealed-carry reciprocity. ‘Your second amendment does not end at the state line.’

Other plans include:

Fully secure the border.
Dramatically increase interior enforcement.
Wage war on the cartels.
Take back our streets from the homeless, drug-addicted & mentally ill.

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Wes Walker

Wes Walker is the author of "Blueprint For a Government that Doesn't Suck". He has been lighting up since its inception in July of 2012. Follow on twitter: @Republicanuck