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HILARIOUS: Art Imitates Life As Popular Disney Attraction Goes Up In Flames (VIDEO)

As if Disney’s troubles in Florida weren’t headache enough for them, The Mouse had another setback when a 45-foot dragon suddenly burst into flames.

Being a vacation spot, many people had their cameras out already, so it’s no surprise that this moment has been captured from any number of vantage points.

We have selected two to show the event, the first one shows the moment at which the fire broke out.

You can hear a giggling Mickey Mouse saying ‘this is MY dream!’ and then… *puff* … went the magic dragon.

The second one goes a little further, showing the dragon fully engulfed in flame and the announcement about the event being canceled.

Something about the bland and perfunctory announcement describing a 45-foot animatronic dragon burning to the ground is inherently funny… and not just because of the delicious irony of a dragon being destroyed by fire.

The fire happened on Sat, April 22, in the Disney park in California. A water feature (moat) separated the dragon from the public, so they were never in any real danger, but several staff were much closer. Fortunately, no injuries have been reported.

Video from the scene, posted by @MelissaLeeGiles on several social media sites, shows the performance proceeding when spontaneous screams can be heard mingled with the pre-recorded music and sound effects.

Witnesses said the cast and crew members scurried to safety as the fire grew larger.

Disneyland representatives issued a statement that “during the final showing of Fantasmic! at Disneyland park on Saturday evening, the dragon caught fire. Anaheim Fire & Rescue quickly responded and the fire was extinguished. — Times San Diego

Maybe the folks over at Disney can focus a little less on refashioning the world in their own political image, and a little more on looking after their props.

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