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Tucker Carlson And Fox News ‘Agree To Part Ways’ — Here’s What We Know …

The top host on cable news is out. The last episode of Tucker Carlson Tonight aired on Friday.

This was his last segment where he assured viewers he’d be back on Monday.

So, what’s next for him and for Fox News?

No news on what Carlson is going to do next, but Fox News will be rotating in talent in the timeslot until they have decided on a permanent replacement.

Reports are coming in that Tucker’s executive producer Justin Wells is also leaving the network.

Could the comments he made on the Full Send podcast last month be the reason why Carlson has agreed to “part ways”?

You can see more of that interview here:

Could it be the release of the J6 footage? He was the only one willing to air it.

Maybe Rupert Murdoch’s kids are now finally exerting some pressure on Fox News to move away from the populist right.

Some unconfirmed reports suggest that it might have had to do with the Dominion lawsuit.


Who knows exactly what happened? It’s all just speculation at this point.

It was rather sudden, though. Carlson was supposed to interview GOP Presidential contender Vivek Ramaswamy on his show tonight.

Admittedly, the timing is a bit curious — it’s right after the Fox News massive $787 million settlement with Dominion, and the day after both the 60 Minutes Ray Epps interview aired and AOC told Jen Psaki that the government should ban Tucker and other Fox News hosts for allegedly “inciting violence.”

More on Comrade AOC’s comments here:

Ray Epps has said that Tucker Carlson was “obsessed” with him.

Well, yeah. It’s kinda weird that the FBI is going after the MeeMaws walking around in the Capitol, but the guy that is on film saying “go into the Capitol” both the day of, and the night before the J6 riot is left alone?

Of course, Democrats have constantly been whining that Tucker Carlson should be taken off the air for some time now.

The Partisan Presstitutes are perennially attacking him, too.

Tucker’s response was classic Tucker.

The reaction to the end of Tucker Carlson Tonight was swift on Twitter…

The Daily Wire isn’t the only one making an appeal for Tucker to join their team, Glenn Beck made an on-air appeal asking him to join Blaze TV.

Former Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly has some thoughts…

Fox News stock took a dive as the news broke.

Glenn Greenwald posted a brief thread on Twitter pointing out that Tucker wasn’t the establishment voice on Fox News.

Oliver Darcy, who, ironically, used to be a columnist with The Daily Caller, a conservative news and opinion site that Tucker had co-founded in 2010 (he sold his stake in 2020), was crowing about the shake-up at CNN’s main competitor.

But CNN also announced some changes on Monday — misogynist serial liar and Dumbest Man On Television, Don Lemon, announced that he was (finally) fired from CNN.

Interesting. One of the most important and one of the least important voices in news media announced their sudden departures from their respective media outlets on the same day.

While CNN should’ve canned Lemon a long time ago, Fox News is undergoing a real shake-up with its talent. Dan Bongino and Lara Trump are also leaving Fox News. (Bongino said on his show that he’s not returning due to failed contract negotiations.)

Jack Posobiec of Human Events has an interesting suggestion…

Can you just imagine how many Dem heads would explode with that ticket?

Whatever he does, we will always have the memories.

This is just your latest reminder that the Powers That Be don’t like the people that speak the truth bluntly and without apology.

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