GOP 2024: Trump Pledges To Sign THESE Executive Orders On First Day In Office

Written by Wes Walker on May 31, 2023

Today we have been highlighting campaign speeches/videos from various leading nominees from the GOP race. This article features a video from Donald Trump.

[If you want to see today’s coverage of Vivek or DeSantis, you can click the links on each of their names.]

To keep things even, since we linked to our Florida merch on the DeSantis story, here is a link promoting the ClashDaily store‘s Trump-friendly merch for our readers supporting Trump. The banner below barely scratches the surface.

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Where was I? Oh, right — Trump’s video.

He has some things to say about the chaos we’re seeing on our border right now. And he’s picking up on a key theme we’ve not heard enough in the last couple of years — incentives.

As ClashDaily has reported: incentives make a YUGE difference in driving or deterring illegal immigration. Even when you compare results between different states within the union. How much more important would such incentives be when applied to national policies concerning immigration?

In yesterday’s 3-minute video, President Trump minces no words in denouncing Biden’s failed border policy as millions and millions of illegal immigrants pour into the country across an undefended border.

More than just complaining about it, President Trump has a plan for what he could actually do about it.

Like the other candidate’s speeches from today, we present this as he published it. No edits. No spin.

It’s short enough that it doesn’t even need a summary.

Unlike the clowns at the Partisan Press, we can trust the American public to make up their own minds about the promises themselves.

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