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HILARIOUS: Biden’s Spokes-Muppet Lies To The Press About Border — OWNED By Twitter Fact-Checkers! (VIDEO)

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If you ever wondered why the left has such a burning hatred for Musk now that he bought Twitter, it’s really no mystery — he threatens their monopoly on the narrative.

Biden’s WHSPOX, Karine Jean-Pierre provides the perfect test-case for why they hate it.

A lie that would have passed unchallenged in the Twitter 1.0 era was fact-checked into oblivion when she said it.

As we saw during COVID, the masses are far easier to control when all voices of dissent can be silenced or at least demonized.

Big Tech, legacy media, authority figures in government, academia, and others all colluded to force everybody to say the same things through the pandemic — or else.

They have taken the same heavy-handed cancel-culture censorship approach to other pieces of the left’s agenda ranging from race issues, to LGBT, to abortion and so on. The ‘good’ ideas are amplified and the ‘bad’ ones are silenced.

So-called third-party fact-checkers provide plausible deniability for the ideological leg-breakers to perform the dirty deeds of their censorship.

Then along came Elon Musk. He restored most of the people who had been censored by that method, and he introduced an entirely different sort of self-policing fact-checking called ‘Community Notes’ that rewards objective fact-checking and penalizes politicized muck-raking.

When RNC posted a clip from KJP’s presser in which she claimed a ‘more than 90%’ reduction in illegal immigration… people noticed. And they came with the receipts to disprove her.

Here’s a better look at the Community note that’s attached at the time of publishing.

One of the only reporters who has been faithfully covering the border crisis for years even has an answer for where that 90% number would have been pulled from, which makes the lie even more egregious.

The next tweet in Bill’s thread put some numbers behind how obscene KJP’s claim really was.

For context, Obama’s border guy told us that 3,000 people crossing illegally in a day was his nightmare scenario.

Meanwhile, here in reality, one of the few things people agree on across the aisle is that current levels of illegal immigration is a problem — at least where they are.

Blue city mayors in New York and Chicago are calling for border states to stop sending the few tens of thousands of illegals their way. They are well over capacity and can’t handle anymore.

Meanwhile, border states are watching thousands of people come in every day.

How else can we know the White House is actively lying to us?

Here’s a clue:

Of COURSE they want to cross. Biden has been inviting them!

Among Republicans, 91 percent said it was the federal government’s responsibility. Surprisingly, only slightly fewer Democrats, 83 percent, gave the same response.

“I’ve never seen a poll like this — 87 percent of the American public blames the federal government for the problem at the border,” President of Convention of States Action Mark Meckler said on the John Solomon Reports podcast. “What was most interesting is you dig into … the crosstabs — all the Democrats, breakdowns by age, by party, by race — what you saw was no difference literally within a few points across the board. — ArizonaSunTimes

Maybe CNN will come to her rescue.

Or not.

Even CNN can’t spin the way out of there for her.

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Wes Walker

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