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‘Where The Hell Am I Going?’ Trump Mocks Biden Getting Lost On Stage (VIDEO)

NOTE: This article may include commentary reflecting the author’s position.
This is a classic Trump moment right here.

If you missed Trump’s rally in Manchester, New Hampshire last Thursday night, you missed one particularly hilarious moment.

Former President Trump was mocking President Biden for getting “lost” on stage and acted out how confused Joe slowly shuffles around wondering where he’s supposed to go.

Replying to Alex’s tweet, meme maker drefanzor posted the clip of Trump in New Hampshire with an overlay of Biden at the U.N.’s 2022 Global Fund conference and the results are spectacular.

For context, last year, Biden was clearly confused about where he should go after finishing his remarks at the Global Fund Conference at the United Nations in New York. He started walking toward a group of photographers then halted in order to ask his handlers guidance about where he should go, but then awkwardly turned and lingered on the stage as another speaker addressed him.

Of course, the Democrat Regime Media used “fact-checking” to reassure voters that this was just another nasty GOP attack on Biden and everything is perfectly fine.

The Newsweak (spelling intended) “fact-check” includes a random Twitter user’s claim, “”The whole video looks quite a bit different. He’s so much sharper than 45 ever was. At the end he apparently thought he was done, but then had to linger there until they called him and the other’s back up for a photo.”

This wasn’t the first or last time that this sort of thing happened, though.

Here’s the thing that they don’t seem to understand — no amount of “fact-checking” will make Biden look more competent.

He’s been in the public eye for over 50 years — we can all see the decline. Biden just isn’t as sharp as he used to be, and that’s really saying something since he wasn’t all that sharp to begin with.

We can all see that Biden now shuffles when he walks and slurs when he talks and even though he was a gaffe machine when he entered the Senate in the early 1970s, these days he can’t even remember the opening lines of the Declaration of Independence.

Recently we learned that White House staffers say that they only schedule events with the President between 10am and 4pm on weekdays. But that’s all totally normal, right?

Biden’s not even putting in a 9-5 and we’re all just supposed to accept this as the way it is.

Say what you will about Trump, that guy was a workaholic as President. Remember how the Partisan Presstitutes got their panties in a bunch because he didn’t want to stay at Walter Reed when he got the Alpha strain of COVID?

Trump remembered where he was, where he had been, and where he was going. And he didn’t need the Easter Bunny or some kid to tell him in the middle of an event.

But hey, that enthusiasm for Biden is so strong it’ll get past the clear physical and mental decline we’re watching happening in real-time, right?

Well… maybe not.

Let’s be real for a second, aging affects people in different ways. A lot of us know some 90-year-olds that are sharp as a tack and can still take care of themselves — but that’s not how it is for a lot of people. And that’s not how it seems to be working out for Joe Biden.

Just look at a couple of 89-year-olds currently in the Senate — Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) isn’t even in the same category of competence that Chuck Grassley (R-IA) is in.

It would seem that Democrats don’t care about that very much since they elected John Fetterman to the Senate and he has what can accurately be called brain damage post-stroke.

The Presstitutes will say that it’s mean and wrong to mock these Democrats who are incapable of functioning in their office. Sure, it might be mean, but isn’t the real cruelty shoving these people to run for office when they’re just props to push a progressive agenda?

If they don’t want to be mocked as public figures, then don’t be a public figure. Problem solved.

If we had a real press, they’d be asking Jill Biden, Giselle Fetterman, and other members of their families why they are pushing these individuals to run for office when they can’t fulfill the requirements of those offices.

But we don’t have a real press. We have cheerleaders for the Regime that circle the wagons anytime a Democrat is attacked.

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K. Walker

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