UCLA Students Stumped On Why It’s Socially Acceptable To Choose Gender But Not Race (VIDEO)

Written by K. Walker on May 2, 2023

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If biology is irrelevant when it comes to gender, then why does it matter for race?

UCLA students can’t seem to articulate why one is acceptable in our society and the other is not.

Prager U’s Aldo Buttazzoni asked students on the UCLA campus whether or not they think that there is a double standard when it comes to social acceptance of “blackface” vs. “womanface.”

Buttazzoni does the questioning very well. He first shows the students examples of celebrities in blackface, (which didn’t seem to hurt their careers,) then shows photos of men who identified as women and became wildly successful after doing so.

When faced with the absurdity of the progressive gender orthodoxy, these students tie themselves in knots to defend it even though they were quick to dismiss blackface as offensive and wrong.

What’s happening here is that these students want to be part of the in-group and that means accepting the nonsensical concept of gender theory.

It doesn’t matter that the ideology itself doesn’t make sense and is more like a religious belief than anything based on science — it’s just what we’re supposed to do now.

How many of these students know that the separation of gender from biological sex was based on the theories of depraved pedophile John Money and degenerate pervert Alfred Kinsey? I’m guessing few to none.

But it’s well-sourced — I touched on that in this article:

Oregon Lawmaker EXPOSES Leftist Ideology Behind ‘Gender-Affirming Healthcare’ (VIDEO)

The human race is sexually dimorphic — there are males and there are females. Sure, there are a minuscule number of people born with genetic conditions that make that ambiguous, but those are tragic circumstances that happen in the womb. Those few exceptions do not require a redefinition of what the human race is.

Race, however, is very different. We all know that people of different races produce offspring with characteristics of both races.

Like many families, my own family is mixed and my children don’t look like one race or another. Why should my kids identify more as one race rather than the other? They’re a mix of both. (And probably more than that if my husband and I were to take DNA tests.)

Zuby, a rapper, author, and podcaster makes the same argument — transracialism makes more sense than transgenderism.

Read more here and take the poll:

Rapper Zuby Says Transracialism Makes More Sense Than Transgenderism — Do You Agree?

Gender Cultists have made confusion about gender the new Current Thing™ that we all need to agree with or be called bigots.

How about… no.

This is a fringe theory that is based on fluff. Even the “science” can’t be trusted since the papers that are being used to prop up this nonsense is “peer reviewed” and ideological. Activists insist that the only moral position is acceptance and any opposition is “phobic” and intolerant. They’re trying to make this a new civil rights issue because equality is pretty much ubiquitous at this point and the grifters gotta grift. Besides, there’s a lot of money to be made when pre-pubescent children become permanent medical patients.

We desperately need more people to be willing to step out there and say true things despite the cost.

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