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New Hampshire Dem Under Fire For Brutal Response To Constituent’s Email On Parental Rights Bill

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New Hampshire is considering legislation that would grant parents iron-clad rights that couldn’t be worked around or wished away by activist teachers who think the importance of their private political or moral agendas should supersede the wishes of those students’ parents.

The array of rights range from such topics as subject matter studied (including and especially certain politically or morally controversial materials), the codified right to direct what sort of educational institution (or non-institutional learning) students will learn in — including religious and home schooling, the right to opt out of certain lessons (including sex ed), the right to review all school records, the right to know if their child has been victim of a criminal offense, not to mention a lot of details that activists have routinely kept secret from parents with respect to gender identity and after-school clubs they may have participated in.

As you might expect, strong opinions are coming up on both sides and this is an issue that has prompted some to contact their elected representatives.

It’s about as American a response to any political issue as one can imagine.

We’re all used to getting some meaningless boilerplate ‘thank you for your interest in this issue’ as a response.

But imagine the surprise of one parent when the response that came back was openly hostile and insulting:

If only someone sporting our ClashDaily gear had warned him about being an ass:

The request was simple enough. My name is [x]. I am a parent of 4 from [place]. I am writing to ask that you pass [bill] without any amendments.

The response from Tom Hoyt (D) — who won his seat by only 18 votes — was openly insulting.

Do you know why children’s results tanked during COVID? Their parents were incompetent teachers. Do your children a favor, let the teachers teach, and shut up. you’re clearly no professional.

Media reached out to both Hoyt and the parent in question. Hoyt have a mealy-mouthed ‘worded poorly’ excuse and a ‘take my own advice’.

The parent, who wishes to remain anonymous, told Fox News Digital, “I was sending an email to all the New Hampshire State reps because SB272, the parental rights bill, was up for a vote and I wanted just to tell all the reps as a parent of four Children in New Hampshire that I wanted them to pass the bill.”
The parent said the reply from Hoyt is an “illustration” of why a parents’ bill of rights is needed, “Basically, what you’re saying is that teachers are better parents than parents.”
“That’s the mentality that we’re fighting against, which clearly says, ‘You’re stupid, shut up. We don’t care what you think.’ So that attitude and mentality are the reason that we even have to be trying to pass a parental rights bill.” –FoxNews

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