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Pregnant Woman Smeared As A Racist ‘Karen’ Releases Receipts Showing That SHE Rented The CitiBike

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Who actually believed that a 6-month-pregnant woman who just finished a 12-hour shift tried to steal a rental bike from a group of 5 men?

A lot of people, apparently.

It would seem that a number of Libs haven’t learned a thing from the viral clip of Nick Sandmann, the Covington Catholic teen in a MAGA hat that was smeared as a racist when he was the one being harassed by the Native American dude standing directly in front of him and banging a drum in his face.

That video should have been a lesson to everyone to not jump to conclusions when a small clip of video is released that doesn’t show the lead-up or conclusion of an incident.

Libs seem to have a knee-jerk reaction to immediately jump to claims of racism anytime there is a video of a conflict between a white person and a black person.

This is what happened with the viral video of a pregnant Physician’s Assistant outside of Bellvue Hospital in NYC arguing with a group of men over a rental bike.

The video has gone viral with comments similar to the one in this tweet with over 42 million views.

The tweet’s comment was what fuelled the narrative — the white woman was trying to “weaponize her tears” in order to paint the young black men as harassing her.

The woman was then doxxed online and put on leave from her job after the encounter went viral.

The Bellevue Hospital employee branded a “Karen” after she was caught on video allegedly attempting to hijack a Citi Bike that a black man claimed he had already paid for has been placed on leave, NYC Health + Hospitals confirmed to The Post.
A clip of the explosive encounter has raked in more than 40 million views on social media after it was shared on Twitter on Saturday, with the health care network labeling it “disturbing.”
“We are aware of the video involving a health care provider off duty and away from the hospital campus. The incident in the video is disturbing,” a spokesperson for NYC Health + Hospitals said in a statement Tuesday.
“The provider is currently out on leave and will remain on leave pending a review,” the statement continued. The woman has denied wrongdoing.
“As a health system we are committed to providing an environment for our patients and staff that is free from discrimination of any kind.”
Source: New York Post

The argument was that a pregnant woman, (who happens to be white,) at the end of her second trimester and had worked a 12-hour shift at a hospital was trying to steal a rental bike from a group of young men … who happen to be black. As she was attempting to steal from them, one of them held onto the handlebar and refused to let go claiming that he had already paid for it while he and his buddies mocked her and laughed as she called for help.

It really didn’t matter that this narrative didn’t make sense. The Libs glommed onto it because it confirmed their skewed and simplistic view of race — that white people are always the aggressors and black people are always the victims.

Here are just a couple of the most egregious tweets by people that seem to be completely oblivious that they are spewing absolutely vile and disgusting racism against white people.

Remember, “Karen” is a slur that is used against white women.

Some of these race hustlers are refusing to back down even after the Physician’s Assistant’s attorney has provided the receipt showing that she was the one that had rented the bike.

They’re actually mocking a pregnant woman for crying as a group of men bully her.

But it looks like she has the receipts showing she had booked the bike in question.

Sarah Comrie, 36, has been identified in a GoFundMe which is calling for donations to help fund the legal bills to ‘save her livelihood and reputation’.
It comes as can reveal the nurse’s Citibike receipt – which her lawyer claims proves the bike she was clutching in the footage was booked by her as the number on the handlebars matches the document.
Justin Marino, who is representing Comrie, says the documents show the six-month pregnant physicians assistant had booked the Citibike outside of Bellevue Hospital after finishing her shift.
The documents show that the ride was ultimately canceled, and she wasn’t charged, before booking another bike minutes after the incident.
Source: Daily Mail (Emphasis added)

While some online are questioning the veracity of the receipt since the timestamp is blurred out, let’s see the young man’s receipt and compare the two, shall we? Oh, wait. We can’t since he hasn’t released a receipt to show that he had booked that bike.

Her attorney is now saying that Comrie and her family are in danger because she has been smeared as racist and some idiot doxxed her.

Speaking of lawyers… what do you call an attorney who is the equivalent of an ambulance-chaser but only for incidents that perpetuate the idea that anti-black racism is everywhere and constantly pushes that same racial grievance for his own personal gain?

Oh, right. I remember. Ben Crump.

That guy is all over this.

Of course, he is.

A whole lot of people on the right are (rightfully) crowing right now because it appears to be another false accusation of racism because the need for actual hate continues to outstrip the supply.

Race grifters like Crump and Coates slagging a pregnant woman as a racist and claiming she’s just faking her emotions to push their agenda is absolutely disgusting and if they should be ashamed of themselves. Of course, that would require the capacity to feel shame, which I suspect is lacking in the cases cited in this article.

Can we all just stop jumping to conclusions after a brief video clip goes viral that paints someone as racist? Is that too much to ask?

That’s a pretty good idea. If you cave to the outrage mob, you should be on the hook for it.

After all, Sarah Comrie now has to fight against a viral smear that she’s a racist all because of an altercation in a brief video clip that was weaponized against her.

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