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Remember The Pipe Bomber From J6? — Jim Jordan Is STILL Pressing Wray For Answers

Shouldn’t the person who set the BOMBS beside the Capitol building on January 6th be at LEAST as important to law enforcement as some senior citizen who ‘paraded’ between the velvet ropes?

Biden’s FBI is hard at work searching high and low for reasons to arrest and prosecute anyone who might even possibly have had the remotest of connections to J6 — including people who never actually entered the building!

They swear up and down that this was a ‘violent insurrection’. They point to examples like bear mace, flag poles, as evidence of an ‘armed’ insurrection. The early reports of zip ties and the head trauma to Officer Sicknick have since been disproven.

For all the references we’ve heard about death and violence associated with the day, the one fatality known to have been the direct result of any violence is Ashli Babbitt.

That’s what makes the media silence that has fallen on the pipe bomb so strangely out of place. If anything in the evidence might support the left’s claims that the supposed ‘insurrection’ met the criteria of BOTH premeditation AND violence, you might think a couple of pipe bombs set in place at the Capitol Building might be exactly the evidence they would want to produce.

Here’s how CNN was reporting this story in late January of 2021:

Two pipe bombs near the Democratic and Republican party headquarters discovered on January 6 were planted the night before the insurrection at the Capitol, the FBI said Friday.
Federal authorities again increased the reward for information about the pipe bomber and released new details and photos of a suspect on Friday, underscoring the urgency the Justice Department is treating this angle of the investigation, which remains one of the most troubling mysteries for law enforcement.
A new wanted poster says the bombs were placed between 7:30 and 8:30 p.m. on January 5, the night before the insurrection.
— CNN (link in footnotes)

But two years later, federal law enforcement can tell you what somebody’s grandmother from Des Moines had for breakfast that day, but they still haven’t cracked the case of the pipe bomber? Sounds sketchy.

This unanswered question has been fodder for ClashDaily news stories for years.

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Conservatives have been saying for years that this unsolved pipe bomb issue doesn’t come anywhere NEAR to passing the smell test.

It looks like a cover-up.

And the richly-deserved negative reputation federal law enforcement has developed over the last few years doesn’t help matters any.

The Judiciary Committee is calling BS on the entire issue. We already know some of the puzzle pieces the FBI has been able to put together — including a licence plate. Oversight is demanding a briefing from Christopher Wray explaining why a case involving BOMBS seems to be such a low priority compared to all the others.

The body of the letter sent to Chris Wray says:

The Committee on the Judiciary is conducting oversight of he programs and operations of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). As part of our oversight process, we wrote to you March 9, 2022, requesting a briefing about the status of the FBI’s investigation into the pipe bombs placed near the headquarters of the Democratic National Committee and Republican National Committee on January 5, 2021. At the start of the 118th Congress, on January 17, 2023, we reiterated this request. To date, you have failed to comply.

The Committee requested the briefing after we received a whistleblower disclosure from a senior FBI official that raised questions and concerns about the ‘unusual’ nature of the FBI’s investigative efforts and due to the FBI’s failure to adequately respond to Rep Bill Posey’s September 2, 2021 request for a briefing on the investigation. Specifically, the whistleblower disclosure revealed that the Washington Field Office asked FBI field offices to canvass al confidential human sources nationwide about the individual and the crime over a year after the placement of he bombs and requested tha tthe canvass ‘include sources reporting on all [types of threats]’ because the suspect’s ‘motive and ideology remain unknown’.

Your failure to comply with our request is particularly concerning given recent media reports regarding the pipe bomb investigation, the FBI linked the suspected pipe bomber to a MetroRai SmarTrip Card that the subject used to travel through the Washington Metro system to a stop in Northern Virginia. The FBI used security footage from the Northern Virginia Metro stop to identify the license plate of a car that the individual entered. Still, the FBI has not identified the subject. One former FBI assistant director observed, “[i]t just doesn’t add up … [t]here’s just too much to work with not to know who this guy is.”

The slow progression of the FBI’s investigation into the January 6th pipe bombs raises significant concerns about the FBI’s prioritization of that case in relation to other January 6 investigations. Accordingly, we reiterate our outstanding requests for a briefing on the status of the pipe bomb investigation and request that you provide this briefing as soon as possible, but no later than June 7, 2023.

The Judiciary Committee is authorized to conduct oversight of the Federal Bureau of Investigation pursuant to the Rules of the House of Representatives. If you have any questions about this matter…
(… etc etc etc…)

More evidence is piling up every day that Biden’s Administration doesn’t think they should be accountable to anybody, least of all the American citizens. Why else would they spurn the oversight of Congress which was specifically designed to represent the will of ALL of America — the very same ‘All of America’ to whom Joe Biden pledged he would act as a ‘unifying’ President.

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