BIDEN CRIME FAMILY: Comer Found Two MORE Biden Bribery Docs He Can Subpoena From Wray

Written by Wes Walker on June 12, 2023

You know that whistleblower bribery allegation in which the current President is implicated in crimes so serious they are one of two mentioned BY NAME as grounds for impeachment?

The FBI has been sitting on such allegations for years. But for some reason that’s always been lower on the to-do list than endlessly sandbagging Donald J. Trump.

Yes, we are once again talking about the clowns we’ve been mocking in our store with an FBIDEN hat and a bunch of corrupt FBI shirts and mugs. Our banner has some examples:

Director Wray isn’t finished bringing papers for the Oversight Committee to look at. The footnotes in the first one he stonewalled over indicated that there were two OTHER FBI forms indicating two OTHER relevant allegations.

As it stands, Oversight has already subpoenaed bank records in Ukraine relating to the Biden Family Bribery case… but with two more FBI forms coming available, we will have even more pieces of the puzzle slip into place.

Not only did Comer come talk to Trey Gowdy about these new developments on Sunday, but he also came to put a stake through the heart of a few Democrat talking points lies about what’s really happening in this case.

Raskin’s working really hard to convince the world this is a NothingBurger. This is the same Rep Raskin that led the charge on multiple impeachments over the flimsiest of allegations. Further complicated by the fact that the questions Trump was bringing to Ukraine’s President were about the very same allegation of Corruption the FBI had been sitting on since… 2017.

(Did we happen to mention that Bribery and Treason, are the only two crimes specifically mentioned by NAME as just cause for impeachment… and this involves bribery by a foreign entity? But this was a non-priority for the FBI and it should be slow-walked… for some inscrutable reason.)

For full context, here’s the whole show. The interview starts at around the 19-minute mark.

This is no skirmish.

The other side is dug in for an extended campaign.

We don’t use some of the dirty tricks and tactics they rely on. But we do have other ways to push back.

Including the same God George Washington called upon when he was lead a war against the world’s superpower. Our odds can’t be any worse than his were, could they? And he won!

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