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Two Facts About Trump’s Prosecution You Won’t See On CNN

The Corrupt Corporate media has been cheering on the 45th President’s demise since… pretty much his inauguration.

There was no Honeymoon period in his Presidency. There was hostility right out of the gate. (Just ask Sean Spicer).

Needless to say, the networks that carried the flag for the false-on-it’s-face claims behind the Russian Collusion hysteria, and the ‘perfect call’ impeachment, the ‘insurrection’ narrative were going to do more of the same with the boxes indictment.

They are waxing eloquent on all the ways that this time, their dreams of ‘the walls closing in’ on Trump are actually true.

What you won’t find them talking about are any problems you might find with the charges being dropped on him… or the people dropping them.

They can line up expert after expert to tell us about ‘obstruction’, classification markings, or the Espionage Act.

But have any of them weighed in on problems involving the team running the prosecution?

How about the fact that they actively LIED to the courts in hopes of getting a more favorable outcome?

You’ve heard plenty of bleating about what a horrible thing it is to get the judge for this case, right? But have you heard that they tried to rig the system knowing that this very same judge already had some rightful jurisdiction on this case?

There is a series of questions the Prosecution is required to answer, including on in which they are asked whether this case has been before any judges in this district court before. As you will remember, he fought to have a ‘Special Master’ oversee the process to determine who had the right to which documents that the DOJ had taken.

Nevertheless, under the signature of Assistant Special Counsel Jay Bratt, the Smith team answered no — even though the DOJ’s classified documents case is directly related to Trump’s suit.

“They just flat-out checked the ‘no’ box,” says former Trump administration senior official Kash Patel. The one-time federal public defender and federal prosecutor explains that “the indictment requires information for the district court that the prosecutor must be helpful on to facilitate case flow, like asking if there’s a related case. And the rules says that a related case must go the same judge.”

The judge in the previous case was Aileen Cannon. Appointed to the bench by Trump in 2020, she ordered the DOJ to stop its review of the seized documents and appointed the special master that the former President requested.

Despite an appellate court overturning her decision, “they’re so desperate to avoid Judge Cannon, they lied on the form,” says Patel. “They went forum shopping for a jurisdiction favorable to their case.” — Lee Smith

By simple luck of the draw, the original judge was still awarded this case. But there were many others in Miami that the prosecutors would very much have preferred having.

Even now, we’re hearing a chorus of voices giving their arguments for why this Judge is inappropriate for a Trump Trial despite Obama-appointee judges being perfectly acceptable to the DOJ for so many previous ones.

We promised TWO stories, didn’t we?

If Biden’s DOJ was trying to prove this prosecution was on the up-and-up, they wouldn’t assign a lawyer for the Prosecution, Karen Gilbert, with such a sketchy history.

Meet Karen Gilbert, deputy to Jack Smith.

Gilbert and colleague in the case Sean Cronin launched a witness tampering investigation and got two witnesses to record conversations between Shaygan’s defense lawyer and the investigator, the records show.

However, according to a stinging ruling by U.S. District Judge Alan Gold, the pair failed to get authorization to tape the conversations and did not inform the defense team that the witnesses were “cooperating with the government,” thereby violating discovery obligations.
[…] The judge determined Gilbert was “grossly negligent in her treatment” of the “significant and unique witness tampering investigation against defense counsel” and said there was no basis to have even started the probe.

Gilbert was found to have failed to seek “necessary information” about the witness tampering investigation and to have failed to have gotten proper approval for it. She failed to “independently verify the basis for Cronin’s belief” that the witness probe was ever needed, according to records.

In the “Findings of Fact” part of Gold’s document, he said the probe happened because of “personal animus against the defense” on behalf of Cronin, who answered to Gilbert.
[…] As a result of what the judge called the “bad faith” effort to prosecute Shaygan, he granted the doctor’s request for sanctions and entered a “public reprimand” against the U.S Attorney’s Office that specifically applied to Gilbert, Cronin and another prosecutor. — JustTheNews

Kash Patel weighed in:

Former senior Trump adviser and federal prosecutor Kash Patel last week called Gilbert “one of the most corrupt prosecutors to ever come out of the southern district of Miami.”

“Gilbert, who is likely to be the trial attorney in the Southern District of Florida, in 2009 was so reprimanded in a narcotics trafficking case that she had to retire from her position,” Patel told Fox News on Friday. “She has been pulling the reins on this investigation” into Trump, he added.–Just The News

That’s without going into any of the baggage Special Counsel Jack Smith brings to the case — including the conviction of a Republican politician that was unanimously overturned by the Supreme Court, and a failed attempt to charge Jonathan Edwards, not to mention the fact that his wife produced a documentary about Michelle Obama, and gave money to the campaigns of Biden and Tlaib.

Also — how are we to account for all those illegal leaks about the progression of the State’s case against Trump?

Illegal leaks being perpetrated by the supposed enforcers of the law?

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