Biden Brings Up Deceased Son Beau To Gold Star Mom And Kabul Terror Attack Survivor (VIDEO)

Written by K. Walker on August 8, 2023

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Joe Biden’s attempt at empathy shows just how out of touch he is.

Conservative media is (rightly) focused on the Gold Star families and the survivors of the 2021 Afghanistan terror attack that occurred at Kabul Airport’s Abbey Gate as crowds rushed to leave the country when the Taliban took over.

The Biden administration’s bungled withdrawal set the stage for this attack, and the families and survivors have been left with the burning question — “How did this happen?” for two years.

Finally, we’re hearing from them after they gave their testimony before a Congressional committee on Monday.

What is clear is that this has moved from being a bungled withdrawal by an inept administration to a cover-up that is disrespectful to those servicemembers that lost their lives and the survivors whose lives have forever been changed by that one moment.

But it also shows something else… Joe Biden is an awful, self-centered individual with zero empathy.

Cheryl Rex, mother of Lance Cpl. Dylan Merola who died in the attack, was shocked that President Biden would suggest that the death of her son was in any way similar to the death of Biden’s son, Beau.

She knew that the President lied to her face — just a day after learning about her son’s death — that he, too, brought his son home in a flag-draped coffin.

Sgt. Tyler Vargas-Andrews recounted his strange visit from President Biden in the hospital after the fall of Kabul. Vargas-Andrews lost his arm in the Abbey Gate terror attack.

He says that Biden tried to shake his hand that was missing. Instead of addressing the terror attack that just cost him his arm and the lives of 13 of his fellow servicemembers, some of whom were his friends, the President instead spoke again about Beau.

Vargas-Andrews then says that when his mother said that the government should provide for him for the rest of his life now that his life has been permanently altered because of the attack, the President turned to him and said, “What do you want?”

He then explains that his mother hasn’t been getting help from the administration, but the run-around.


This is a pattern with Joe Biden.

I regret to inform the Biden cheerleaders that the President is a callous jerk.

Actually, I don’t really regret that.

Joe Biden is an awful excuse for a human being and always has been. He is a well-documented liar on everything from policy to his own personal life, he uses his “devout” Catholic faith as a shield while publicly violating basic tenets of doctrine, and is a nasty, angry man far removed from his public persona. We saw glimpses of the rage simmering under the surface in 2019 when he occasionally lashed out when asked basic questions — calling a voter fat and challenging him to a push-up contest, asking a reporter if he was a junkie, and calling a young New Hampshire woman a lying dog-faced pony-soldier. That’s probably why they hid him in the basement for most of the 2020 campaign.

And that doesn’t even touch Joe’s creepy behavior with women and children — not to mention the allegations of a Senate aid and even his own daughter’s diary entris — his racist throw-away lines like “you ain’t black” and “put y’all back in chains”, or how the Bidens have been hanging a Christmas stocking for the two damned dogs that have repeatedly bitten Secret Service agents and not for their own seventh grandchild. What kind of a person does that?

From the very beginning of his Senate career, he used the death of his wife and daughter to pull on heartstrings and used his two young, injured sons as props when he was sworn into office.

But perhaps one of the absolute worst things about Joe Biden is that he clearly has a favorite son, and it sure as hell isn’t Hunter. That doesn’t seem to have changed since Beau’s death in 2015.


Biden continually bringing up the death of Beau to Gold Star families who have lost their children directly because of the actions of this administration is just so unbelievably disgusting.

Beau was 46 years old when he died, but although that’s still very young, he had gotten married, had children, and became the Attorney General of Delaware. Most of these service members who died in Kabul were in their early 20s — half Beau’s age — and had their whole lives ahead of them and no children left behind to carry on their legacy.

Joe Biden is contemptible and the Regime media doesn’t like that Average Joe Voters have begun to notice.


This is also Biden’s brand — Joe checking his watch during the dignified transfer of fallen soldiers.

Joe Biden is a callous, soulless, cynical, corrupt career politician who appears to have used the “Biden Brand” to make money from investors into said brand from all over the world — Ukraine, China, Russia, Romania, and Kazakhstan, just to name a few. And now he’s weaponized the Department of Justice to attack his chief political rival for asking questions about the corruption that Joe Biden is on record admitting that he committed.

Americans deserve better. Elections are how we get it.

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