Did ‘CUOMOSEXUAL’ Governor’s Sister Weaponize Activists Against Andrew’s Accusers?

Written by Wes Walker on August 8, 2023

Bimbo Eruptions: the sequel. What is it with prominent Democrat women and their habit of destroying the women with whom their guys get in trouble?

Hillary Clinton isn’t the only chick whose commitment to the Democrat Brand is greater than any alleged MeToo Feminist sensibilities. Nor is Chris Cuomo the only one who helped circle the wagons when the New York Governor’s grabby hands got him into trouble.

Someone over at CNN must REALLY regret helping push that ‘Cuomosexual’ brand they helped build up, when they wanted him as the dark horse rival to Trump, don’t you think? On second thought, a lot of people aren’t even working there anymore to give it much thought.

Andrew’s little sister, Madeline, is in the hot seat for helping shield the former Governor from criticism by women who brought allegations of sexual misconduct against him.

She called on activists to provide ‘a distraction’… by writing attacks the left would normally denounce in righteous indignation as ‘slut-shaming’.

Madeline Cuomo, an attorney and Andrew Cuomo’s younger sister, ‘steered’ the activist group We Decide New York (WDNY) ‘to prop up her brother and hound his accusers ever more aggressively’ according to a New York Times report on Monday.

In September 2022, when Andrew Cuomo’s former aide Charlotte Bennett sued him over sexual harassment allegations, Madeline Cuomo fired off text messages to leaders of the group, the Times reported, citing interviews with current WDNY leaders and a trove of thousands of messages provided to the outlet.

‘Good Morning Just spoke and he thinks a distraction could be helpful today,’ she wrote, appearing to allude to her brother, who denies any involvement with the activist group.

Madeline Cuomo encouraged the activists to post ‘bimbo photos’ of Bennett from her Instagram, showing ‘Charlotte In her sex kitten straddle’ and possibly contrasting them with more ‘austere, professional’ snaps of loyal Cuomo aides.

‘No respectable woman would EVER pose like that,’ wrote Madeline Cuomo, adding: ‘Bimbo photos.’ ‘Really despicable.’ ‘Unsophisticated girls.’

Hours later, one of WDNY’s leaders Anna Vavare shared a sultry photo on Twitter showing Bennett dancing in lingerie, adding the menacing note ‘Your life will be dissected like a frog in a HS science class.’ — DailyMail

Did it come as a surprise to her that she was thrown under the bus by Activist Dems?

She was an activist herself. So on one hand, she might expect that being ‘one of the good guys’ (from her party’s perspective) could have shielded her from being thrown to the wolves.

On the other hand, she was close enough to the center of power to see what Democrats do to their own when they become disposable. (Just ask Monica Lewinsky — or Tara Reid.)

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