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Cop’s Court Case Has HUGE Consequences For Vax Narrative… Including Infant Mortality

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This testimony about dead babies will have the C-Suite people at Pfizer changing their shorts. Did that get your attention? Good. Hold onto yer maple syrup, because this one’s a doozy.

Sir John Eh checking in again. It’s aboot time you good citizens heard from yer faithful correspondent from America’s Hat.

The COVIDictators, as you like to call them (great word, by the way!) have gotten themselves in a bit of a bind.

You see, a cop was suspended for doing her job, even when it led to looking under some rocks our political ‘betters’ didn’t want to see lifted. When what was lurking under there in the darkness came to light, it cost a good cop her job.

Or at least, that’s the case Constable Helen Grus is trying to make in court.

She was a cop in Ottawa, working in the Sexual Assault and Child Abuse (SACA) unit. That unit is specifically mandated by law to investigate sudden infant deaths. Mandated to do other things obviously, but specifically that.

Babies were dying of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome in unusual numbers in 2021.

A typical year has 2 to 3 cases in Ottawa, but 2021 had six cases. Grus started looking into what might be driving them. Before long, she ran up against roadblocks. She was eventually fired.

The court case is to decide whether she had truly ‘gone rogue’ as the police would allege, or whether good police work was raising the ‘wrong’ questions about a certain medical procedure without which you could not work in many industries or even cross a border. You know, the one that was so central to a certain Trucker Convoy in the nation’s capital.

Well, yesterday, she went to court… not for the trial itself so much as the pre-trial conversation about what evidence could be presented and so forth.

There is one moment of yesterday’s proceedings that folks stateside will want to send off to your members of Congress, the Senate, candidates for President and, really, anyone else willing to listen.

The key part is what was about dead babies… and Pfizer. Something you won’t be hearing anywhere else.

The prosecution also played an almost three-hour recording of the May 12, 2022 Professional Standards interview of Detective Grus that caused one retired RCMP observer to declare,

“This is becoming a trial about Ottawa Police officers being in Neglect of Duty for failing to properly investigate Sudden Infant Deaths, and for obstructing Detective Grus’s investigations.”

During the almost three-hour recording Detective Grus related how she had informed her superiors including then Chief of Police Sloly of the growing medical and scientific reports concerning Covid vaccine injuries and deaths – including to babies in the womb and newborns.

Grus can be heard in the recording explaining revelations contained in Pfizer Documents, including that only one newborn baby survived of the 33 reported in the initial trial.

Audible Gasps in Public Gallery

Detective Grus sent an open letter to Chief Sloly in September of 2021 – after which her supervisor in the Sexual Assault and Child Abuse Unit (SACA) sent an email instructing her not to talk about Covid or the Vaccines in the unit.

At this revelation, audible gasps could be heard throughout the gallery – because it meant that the sergeants running the unit responsible for investigating SIDS – arbitrarily eliminated the Covid vaccine as a potential factor in all infant deaths.

This bias meant that no OPS Sudden Infant Death investigations were complete, or adhered to World Heath Organization standards.

That quote is cited from the broader reporting of a tweet by Donald Best. (Emphais added by ClashDaily.)

It might help your readers to know a little something about who is covering that case. He is not career deskjockey journo. He knows whereof he speaks.

A Rebel News reporter is helping cover the case that government narrative lockstep Canadian outlets are pretty much ignoring.

To put a nice bow on it, this is a scene where supporters prayed for her just before the court case began on Monday.

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Sir John, Eh!

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